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Weak Ejaculation: Causes, Symptoms, Treatment

What is Weak Ejaculation?

An individual is said to have a Weak Ejaculation if the force with which the semen is ejected gets weak and the volume of the semen ejected is low. This is quite common with age. However, if an individual notices these changes persistently then it may be a cause of worry and should be checked with a physician. During the process of ejaculation, there is involuntary contraction of the pelvic floor muscles. This contraction forces the semen to be moved out through the penis during sexual activity. About 75% of the semen is produced in the seminal glands while the remaining is produced in the prostate gland. Any disturbance in the production of the semen or the contraction of the pelvic floor muscles may cause Weak Ejaculation [1].

Among a variety of causes, radiation therapy or surgery to the prostate gland is the most common cause for Weak Ejaculation. This occurs when the medications, specifically alpha blockers that are given to treat urinary infections that arise due to prostate enlargement, relaxes the muscles of the bladder resulting in the semen to go into the bladder instead of coming out. The process is called Retrograde Ejaculation. It is quite normal to have Weak Ejaculation once in a while but is definitely is a cause for worry if it is a persistent issue and a thorough checkup is required.

What Causes Weak Ejaculation?

There are numerous causes for Weak Ejaculation which includes both physical as well as psychological. Experts have compiled the following causes for Weak Ejaculation:

Age: This plays a big factor in many cases of Weak Ejaculation. With age, the force with which the semen comes out and its volume both decrease. This is mainly because of a gradual reduction in male sex hormones [2].

Alcohol: This is also one of the causes for Weak Ejaculation. Excess alcohol causes reduction in the blood flow to the penis and overall a depressed central nervous system. It is because of this that sex does not remain exciting and pleasurable [2].

Psychological Causes: Sexual pleasure and ejaculation can also get affected if the mind is just not in for such an activity. This happens in cases of depression or just loss of attraction in the partner. History of past trauma or violence also can affect the force and volume of ejaculation [2].

Nerve Damage: In some cases, damage to the nerves of the spinal cord or bladder may also result in Weak Ejaculation. This is seen more in diabetics than in other population. Nerve damage at times also results in retrograde ejaculation [2].

Prostate Disorders: Weak Ejaculation is also caused due to conditions like prostate enlargement or cancer. People with a history of prostate surgery also tend to have Weak Ejaculation as a result of nerve damage from surgery [2].

Other Factors: The position in which sexual activity is being done also has a role to play in Weak Ejaculation. Sexual stimulation and foreplay before actual intercourse can also be a causative factor for cases of Weak Ejaculation [2].

Medications: Antidepressants, antipsychotics, certain classes of antihypertensives, and muscle relaxers also have the potential to cause Weak Ejaculation. In rare instances, drugs like methadone when given for heroin addiction also at times causes Weak Ejaculation. If it is felt that medications are causing Weak Ejaculation then a consultation with a physician is recommended to either substitute the medication or stop it [2].

What are the Symptoms of Weak Ejaculation?

Weak Ejaculation occurs when the force with which the semen comes out is reduced. The volume of the ejaculate is also very less compared to the normal. The pleasure that is accompanied with orgasm is also not there in people with Weak Ejaculation. This tends to increase with age. The International Society for Sexual Medicine states that on average about a teaspoon of semen comes out with every ejaculation However, this tends to vary from person to person or the time of sexual activity [2].

An individual who has not ejaculated for some time will eject more semen than someone who ejaculates frequently. A person is said to have Weak Ejaculation if he ejects less than 2 mL of semen for two or more times [2].

How is Weak Ejaculation Treated?

It is the underlying cause that decides the treatment option for Weak Ejaculation. Some of the treatment that are given for this condition include:

Pelvic Muscle Exercises: Kegel exercises are quite effective in treating Weak Ejaculation. Other pelvic flood exercises are at times also recommended by physicians for this condition. The exercises are directed to make the pelvic muscles strong. It should be noted that it is the pelvic muscles that are responsible for controlling ejaculation, and these muscles start becoming weak with age [2].

Medications: The FDA has not approved any specific medication for treating Weak Ejaculation but there are some medications that physicians give for treatment of this condition. These include amantadine, bupropion, and cyproheptadine.

Psychotherapy: For psychological factors that affect the sexual performance of an individual, psychotherapy is quite effective and recommended. Before starting psychotherapy the physician will first try and understand the situation that may be causing a decline in sexual function. Some people are at times referred to a sex therapist or a psychiatrist that specializes in sex medicine for further treatment recommendations for Weak Ejaculation [2].


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