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How Long Can You Live With MS Without Treatment?

MS refers to multiple sclerosis, which is a disabling condition of the brain and central nervous system. In this disease, the immune system targets and attacks myelin, which is a protective layer covering the nerve fibers. This process is known as demyelination. This causes a communication problem between the brain and the remaining parts of the body. The disease can ultimately lead to a serious, permanent damage to the nerves.

How Long Can You Live With MS Without Treatment?

There is both good news and a bad news associated with the prognosis of MS or multiple sclerosis. Though there is no cure for multiple sclerosis, there is a good life expectancy. Multiple sclerosis or MS is not a fatal disease. Hence, those suffering from MS live almost equal to or a little lesser than those who are not suffering from it. Most of the people having MS still live a very normal life span. On an average, they live about seven to eight years lesser than those who are not suffering from MS. These people meet the ends of their lives due to many common reasons as other people, like cancer, heart problems etc. very rarely, the disease progresses rapidly and turns fatal. The prognosis for the people with MS is fairly good.

There is no cure for the disease. The main focus of the treatment is on slowing the development and progression of the disease and also reducing the severity of the symptoms. The treatment also aims at providing a speedy recovery from the attacks. In cases that present with mild symptoms there might be no treatment necessary at all.

Most of the doctors specializing in MS will recommend starting on a treatment as soon as the diagnosis is made. However, there are patients who deny taking the treatment and choose to wait and see. In many cases, the patients and their doctors, both prefer to wait and see how the course of the disease runs.

There was a period, when the only treatment available for MS was an injectable drug. Many people did not want any part of the injectable therapy. In a strange way, they were right to do so, since they did not present with any troubling symptoms of MS. However, in some cases, they denied the treatment earlier, but later started on the drug as the symptoms got worse. Most people suffering from this disease run a benign course and survive just fine with no treatment at all. The thing with this disease is that you cannot tell whether the disease will run a benign course will progress to a progressive MS. Hence, ultimately it depends upon the patients what they want to do. However, most doctors will advise to start on a treatment as soon as the condition is diagnosed.

Lifestyle Changes And Home Remedies For MS

Many people prefer to go for other, alternative therapies rather than conventional methods of treatment in MS. These methods and remedies have proven to be beneficial in managing the condition very well in many people. These may include-

Taking Plenty Of Rest-

It is essential to get enough rest to your body as a proper rest will ensure that your body heals properly and gets all the energy needed to fight off the disease. It will also help you relieve the stress

Exercise Regularly-

In case of mild to moderate MS, a regular exercise will help you in gaining strength, balance and co- ordination and maintain your muscle tone

Avoid Exposure To Heat-

  • MS symptoms are seen to be worsening when body temperature increases. It is essential to stay away from heat exposure and keep your body cool by taking other measures
  • Multiple sclerosis is not curable. However, it is not fatal either. The prognosis for people with MS is fairly good and their life span is almost same as normal people.




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Pramod Kerkar, M.D., FFARCSI, DA
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