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How Do You Stop Norovirus Infection From Spreading?

Norovirus infection results in the sudden onset of severe diarrhea and vomiting. The virus is of contagious one and often spreads through water or food, which becomes contaminated at the time of preparation or comes from contaminated surfaces. Also, a person suffers an infection via close contact with any other infected individual.(1)

How Do You Stop Norovirus Infection From Spreading?

How Do You Stop Norovirus Infection From Spreading?

As a norovirus patient, you may protect yourself and other people from the disease by simply washing hands thoroughly by using water and soap. Also, you have to follow a few of the simple and easy prevention tips, which include the following-

Preparation And Handling Of Food Items Safely

  • You should wash both fruits and veggies carefully before you prepare and have them. Also, you should cook shellfish, including oysters thoroughly before you eat them.
  • Stay aware that noroviruses are often resistant to heat. Accordingly, most of them may easily survive at 145-degree Fahrenheit, because of which you need quick steaming processes i.e. the ones used to cook shellfishes.
  • Immediately throw out the food items, which become contaminated because of norovirus.
  • If any of your children or infants are sick, you should make sure to keep them away from the areas, where you prepare and handle food items.

Proper Practicing Of Hand Hygiene

You should always wash the hands thoroughly by applying water and soap before/after-

  • After you use the toilet or change the diaper of a baby
  • Always before you eat, prepare and handle food items
  • Before taking medicine or giving medicine to someone else

In some cases, norovirus remains present in the poop or vomit even before a person starts feeling sick. Also, the virus may stay in the pool for about 2 to 3 weeks even after you start feeling better. Thus, it is essential to continue with washing hands during this critical time. Other than hand washing, you may use suitable alcohol-based sanitizers for hands. However, you should never substitute hand sanitizers for washing hands with water and soap.

Never Prepare Food And/Or Care Others If You Are Sick

If you are sick because of a norovirus attack, you should never prepare food and/or provide healthcare to other people and that too for a minimum of 2 days your symptoms stop. This is applicable for sick employees in long-term care facilities, schools, restaurants, daycares and other places, where they may often expose other people towards the virus or infection.

Wash Laundry Items Thoroughly

You should immediately remove and then wash linens or clothes, which may be contaminated with poop or vomit. Besides, you have to-

  • Handle each of the soiled items with proper care and without any agitation
  • Wear disposable or rubber gloves while you handle any soiled item and later on, wash the hands properly.
  • Wash the laundry items properly by using hot water and detergent at the highest possible cycle length. Later on, you should machine dry the clothes at the highest possible temperature setting as possible.

Cleaning And Disinfection Of Various Affected Surface Areas

  • Make sure to clean as well as disinfect the entire area spontaneously after a person suffers from diarrhea or vomits.
  • You have to put on disposable gloves or rubber gloves and wipe the area by using paper towels.
  • After this, you should disinfect the entire area by using a bleach type of household cleaner according to the directions mentioned on the label of the respective product.
  • Leave the bleaching product on the respective area for about 5 minutes to 10 minutes before cleaning it by applying hot water and soap. Complete the procedure by cleaning of soiled laundry items, removal of trashes and washing hands properly.
  • Clean and sanitize kitchen counters, utensils, and other surfaces before the preparation of food. This step assures the safety of food items from norovirus.(2)


By following each of the aforementioned steps carefully, you will expect to prevent the spread of norovirus to your friends and loved ones in your family.


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