How Effective is Bupropion, Know its Dosage, Side Effects

Doctor’s prescription should always be sought before one start using bupropion. The patient ought to disclosure certain facts about themselves so as to be sure that intake of bupropion is harmless for them. This information includes:

How Effective is Bupropion?

How Effective is Bupropion?

Have you struggled with depression, smoking cessation or that seasonal affective disorder many times than you can mention? If this is the case, here is a chance for you to put an abrupt stop to it with Bupropion. Bupropion is an effective antidepressant medicine. Bupropion is used effectively to treat severe depression disorder & other illnesses such as seasonal affective disorder. Bupropion comes in different brands, one of them being Zyban brand. This brand is only used to help smoking addicts to stop the smoking habit by gradually reducing the desire to smoke and it is after effects.

Bupropion is available in the following dosage forms:

  • Tablet, Extended Release, 24 HR.
  • Tablet, Extended Release, 12 HR.
  • Tablet.
  • Tablet, Extended Release.

Just like virtually all the other medications, bupropion should be taken as suggested by the physician. Instructions on the prescription label should be strictly followed and the right dosage should always be observed so as to avoid drug abuse whereby exceeding the recommended amount can boost the danger of having seizure. It might cause heart attacks in people who are on treatment for any medical conditions or while having any drugs therefore it is important you inform your doctor about your conditions and medicines you take. In addition to that, the following practices should also be observed while using this medication, whereby the patient should:

  • Swallow bupropion in whole without crashing or chewing it.
  • Ensure no sudden change or stoppage of dose since it can cause undesired withdrawal symptoms. However, this can be done where one experiences a seizure.
  • Keep it away from children reach and store in a cool and dry room, far from heat and moisture.
  • Avoid drinking alcohol since it might give you a seizure.
  • Be extra keen if you drive since it might weaken your judgment or reactions.
  • Tell the doctor about all medicines you use and those you start or stop using during treatment with bupropion including the OTC drugs. This helps curb possible occurrence of seizure.

Bupropion from the zyban brand which is used to stop smoking, the following practice should be observed for maximum effectiveness. They include:

  • Continuing to smoke for maybe one week after its first ingestion and then setting a date to quit smoking during the subsequent week. Doctor’s advice should be sought if no positive sign after using Zyban for a week.
  • Nicotine patches might be prescribed to help quitting smoking. It is very highly dangerous to smoke while using Zyban and nicotine patches.

Bupropion antidepressant dosages are recommended differently depending on what it is meant to treat. Dosages for treatment of major depressive disorders, seasonal affective disorder and smoking cessation varies. For instance, usual dose for adult’s cure of each disorder is as here-under.

What is the Recommended Dosage of Bupropion?

Usual Adult Dosage of Bupropion for Major Depressive Disorders

Instant release pills:

Bupropion dose: orally 100 mg (2 times per day).

Sustained release pills:

Bupropion dose: orally 150 mg (only in the first part of the day)

Extended release pills (Wellbutrin XL):

Bupropion Dose: orally 150 mg (only in the morning)

Normal Adult Dose of Bupropion for the Seasonal Affective Disorder

Start the treatment and medication for the seasonal affective disorder before the symptoms begin.

Wellbutrin XL-R

Bupropion Dose: orally 150 milligrams (one time a day – morning only)

Titration: After seven days if tolerated, increase the dose to max dose of 300mg once after waking up. If patients are not able to tolerate the increase dosage then it can be reduced to 150 milligrams orally one time in a day.


Bupropion Dose: 174 milligrams (equal to 150 milligrams bupropion) (one time a day – morning only)

Titration: After seven days if patient tolerates, then increase dose to 348mg per day that is equal to 300mg bupropion only in the first part of the day during cold season.

Regular Adult Dosage of Bupropion for Quit Smoking:

Dose: orally 150 mg (one time a day – morning only)

In instances whereby one misses a dose, it should be taken as soon as you remember. An extra medicine should not be taken to cater for the missed dosage. It can however be skipped in cases where it is almost time for the next scheduled dose. If one overdoses then medical attention should be sought as soon as possible since an overdose of bupropion is highly fatal. Symptoms of bupropion’s overdose include muscle stiffness, hallucinations, shallow breathing, fainting and in some cases it may include uneven heartbeat.

Due to its high level of sensitivity, bupropion should be avoided by the group of people who:

  • Have seizures, seizure sedatives or medication.
  • People having an eating disorder e.g. anorexia or bulimia.
  • Have abruptly stopped taking alcohol.
  • If MAO inhibitors have been used, i.e. methylene blue injection, tranylcypromine or linezolid in the past fourteen days since it can cause hazardous drug interaction.
  • People who have wellbutrin for depression must not use Zyban bupropion brand to quit smoking.
  • Are breast-feeding. This is because it can pass into breast milk thus harming a nursing baby.

What are the Side Effects of Bupropion?

It is important to note that there are certain side effects of using bupropion. Emergency help should be sought where signs of a sensitive to reaction such as hives, difficulty breathing and swelling of your throat, tongue, lips, face or are observed. For the Zyban bupropion brand, change in thinking or behavior may be observed but if symptoms of feeling anxious, risk taking behavior, confusion or suicidal thoughts are observed then doctor’s help must be sought soonest.

The common side effects of bupropion include:

  • Nausea Dry mouth, headache, stomach pain, dizziness, ringing in the ears and changes in vision.
  • Loss of sex drive, muscle pain and sore throat.
  • Mild itching or skin rash, increased urination, increased sweating.
  • Appetite changes, weight gain or loss.

However, these are not the entire list of the possible side effects of taking bupropion.

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