How Effective and Safe is Acetaminophen as a Pain Killer?

How Does Acetaminophen Work?

The medicine which works as a pain killer and lowers the body temperature is Acetaminophen. Any kind of pain like the headache, body aches, muscles aches, arthritis, back pain, toothaches can be relieved with Acetaminophen. It also helps during cold and fever.

Even though there is no concrete derivation of how Acetaminophen works, it is suggested that the Cyclo-oxygenase (COX), a particular kind of enzymes found mainly in the brain is blocked by this medicine.

How Effective and Safe is Acetaminophen as a Pain Killer?

How Effective is Acetaminophen as a Pain Killer?

Acetaminophen is very effective when it comes to the release of any kind minor aches like the headache and body ache. Even though it doesn’t bring down inflammation, it brings down fever. Due to its efficiency, low price and very low toxic level, it is taken as a minor and moderate pain reliever. Acetaminophen does not have any gastrointestinal effects like growth of an ulcer or bleeding or perforations. In case of terrible pain, this can be taken with opioids.

Acetaminophen is preferred to be taken with or without food, but food intake may help to control any kind of stomach upset occurring from the medicine.

While taking this medicine, alcohol consumption is best if avoided.

If any kind of symptoms worsens, like there is a swelling in the injured painful area, consult the doctor.

The usual dosage of Acetaminophen is 3 days, but for adults it can be taken for 10 days and 5 days for teens if the pain lingers on.

If the sore throat gets severe and other symptoms like rashes, fever, nausea, vomiting, or headaches are encountered, consult the doctor.

Acetaminophen is so effective that only after 30 to 60 minutes of its consumption, acetaminophen starts working its way in.

How Safe is Acetaminophen as a Pain Killer?

The use of acetaminophen as a pain killer is safe. The usual side effects you might encounter if your age group falls within 18 and 60 and you are under no other medication or not suffering from any medical condition are:

Only at rare times, Acetaminophen can cause conditions like dizziness, nausea, vomiting, constipation, agitation and itchiness. If taken at very high dosage, it can damage the liver. It is recommended not to be taken with alcohol or you should not carry out the dosage if you are consuming alcohol.

As a pain killer, Acetaminophen is not as good as NSAIDs but it has fewer side effects.


Acetaminophen works very effectively as a pain killer for mild aches and has minimal side effects.

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