Niclosamide has a range of potential applications due to its diverse abilities

The repurposing study indicates that Niclosamide may be able to provide relief for a number of different illnesses and infections. Its pharmacological tendencies are linked to its power to alter mitochondrial phosphorylation and impact some pathways of signaling. Furthermore, there is the potential for the medicine to be effective against various carcinomas.


It is thought that at least 10% of the population in the United States has diabetes. Nearly 34.2 million people are affected by this disease. A particularly alarming statistic is that 88 million Americans, which is one out of every three, have prediabetes. Because metabolic diseases are so common, there must be various treatments that can be helpful.

Niclosamide ethanolamine salt, which is more water-soluble, was found to be helpful in relieving diabetes Mellitus type 2 with mice on a high-fat diet. It was further observed that it can increase energy output, boost metabolic process, and stimulate lipid oxidation. Known for its therapeutic prowess, this salt is highly appreciated for its restricting effects when it comes to spreading illnesses, along with its success in supervising high blood sugar and glycemic control.

Disease of the Parkinson’s Type (PD)

The PINK1 threonine-protein kinase in the mitochondria might begin operating too soon if the activities which it catalyzes are disrupted. The compounds which begin the metabolism in this protein are known for their ability to protect the brain, leading to the hypothesis that they may have applications in treating this issue.

99% purity niclosamide powder has a great potential to treat this illness due to its ability to activate PINK 1 in cells. Further research is needed, though, to confirm if this medication is capable of properly dealing with the issue.

Infection by Viruses

No matter the circumstance, a virus infection is possible should a person take in the virus via inhalation or ingestion. Through various means, viruses may also spread between humans such as through insect bites and sexual activity. Any systems that involve the upper air passages, including the nostrils, throat, and pathways, are prone to an attack of the virus. This may also involve the digestive, nervous and fertility systems. Medications of an antiviral kind can help reduce the spread of the virus without having an effect on the protective system in the body.

Researchers are investigating the potential of Niclosamide to be utilized as an all-encompassing antiviral remedy. It has been discovered that this product is capable of directing certain host pathways, with this resulting in its capacity to eradicate the virus. Studies are being done to look into the possibility of this drug being used to treat Zika, Ebola, and the Covid-19 virus.

Diseases Caused by Bacterial Infections

Whenever bacteria is introduced to a person, it quickly proliferates and can result in a heightened potential of creating an ailment. Inhalation or a wound can be sources for the infection to enter the body.

Niclosamide may help a number of bacterial diseases, particularly tuberculosis and methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus. It appears to be as effective as vancomycin, the current common remedy for MRSA, which is accessible to buy.


Scientists in the medical field have been looking into cancer for a while now. It is important to remember that niclosamide displays the best anticancer properties when it is used to treat certain types of malignancies.


Cancers of the prostate, breast, osteosarcoma, glioblastoma, leukaemia, ovarian, lung, and adrenocortex are all types of cancer.

Oral squamous cell carcinoma

The data available implies that this medication could possibly harm a mitochondrion in one of the cancer cells, thus halting the growth of tumors and evoking cellular death.

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