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Home Remedies For Oppositional Defiant Disorder

Oppositional defiant disorder or ODD is a childhood mental disorder that grandstands a behavior in which a child or a teen cannot regulate or control his emotions and feelings. The child or teen is enraged, upset, defying, rebellious, confrontational and malevolent towards people having authority. this may include misbehavior towards family and friends, teachers, caretakers, overseers, etc. This disorder can significantly affect a child’s or teen’s school and work life, family and social relationships, negatively.(1,2,4)

Home Remedies For Oppositional Defiant Disorder

Along with the conventional methods of treatment, the oppositional defiant disorder can also be treated with some lifestyle changes and home remedies. These methods can supplement the other treatment methods and your child may benefit from them. These methods may consist of-

Positive Behaviour: When your child exhibits positive behavior, recognizing and praising it can go a long way. Rewarding a child for his positive behavior may also be helpful, especially when the child is very young.(3)

Positive Modelling: If you want your child to behave appropriately, it should start by you behaving similarly in front of him. Demonstrating appropriate behavior in social gatherings will help your child in following you and behaving appropriately and following in your footsteps.(3)

Avoid Power-Struggles: Anything can get converted into a power struggle super easily if you let it. Avoid unnecessary conflict and pick your battles wisely.(3)

Set A Goal: Give clear instructions to your child which are effective, and which will attract reasonable consequences otherwise. Also, make sure you set these goals when your child ins in a listening mood and not when you are having a conflict with him.(3)

Form A Routine: Chalk out a daily schedule for your child, easy one, and he can easily follow. Take the help of your child to form that routine for him.(3)

Spend Time Together: Consider taking up a weekly activity with your child, wherein you can spend some time together and get bonding.(3)

Work As A Team: Take the help and support of your partner or others and chalk out a proper disciplinary action course, which is consistent. You may also take the help of your child’s teachers, caretakers or those who are associated with your child regularly.(3)

Assigning A Task: Assign your child an extremely important task and that won’t get done without your child doing it. In the beginning, assign tasks that are easy to be done and later, more challenging tasks can be included. Make sure you provide very simple and easy to follow directions.(3)

Be Ready For The Challenges: Your child may not be happy with your responses to his behavior in the early stages. He may not want to do anything with the increased expectations. Take it slow and keep consistent with your positive behavior and your plan. Consistency and patience will take you and your child a long way at this early stage.(3)

Persistence and perseverance will help your child in improving his behavior.(2,4)

Prevention Of Oppositional Defiant Disorder-

Oppositional defiant disorder can’t be assuredly prevented or forestalled. Nonetheless, perceiving the issue at the earliest and rehearsing positive child-rearing can help in certain positive conduct changes and arrest the condition from declining in the future. The early the treatment is begun, the better the youngster benefits by it.

The treatment can likewise help in re-establishing the child’s dignity and help in building a positive association between your kid and you. Additionally, others in your child’s life, like his educators or overseers will likewise benefit by early treatment of your kid’s oppositional defiant disorder.(2)


Oppositional defiant disorder needs to be treated at the earliest. Some home remedies can help as supplements in the treatment of ODD along with the conventional methods of treatment.


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Pramod Kerkar, M.D., FFARCSI, DA
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