Causes of Brown Spots on Teeth & Ways to Remove Them

Causes of Brown Spots on Teeth

Brown Spots on Teeth Result From:

Brown Spots on Teeth Caused By Decay: Most often, brown spots on teeth are a sign of tooth decay, which develop as a result of excessive snacking on starchy and sugary edibles. Beverages, which contain high amount of sugar also have a similar effect and lead to creation of plaque which binds to the surface of the tooth and damages it over time. This plaque, if not removed through regular brushing, can destroy the enamel and make it brown in colour. As the enamel wears off, the dentin underneath it gets exposed. Dentin is naturally darker in colour and may thus be another reason behind the appearance of the brown spots on teeth.

Brown Spots on Teeth Caused By Tartar: When the oral care isn’t up to the mark and plaque accumulates on teeth, it hardens and solidifies into a brown coloured substance known as tartar. Tartar generally deposits at the line between the gums and teeth and does not get removed by regular brushing with toothpaste.

Brown Spots on Teeth Caused By Fluorosis: Excessive fluoride intake causes Fluorosis and in severe cases of fluorosis brown pits appear on the teeth. Presence of excess fluoride in the body, especially in infants whose teeth are still forming in the gums, causes discolouration of the tooth enamel. Mild fluorosis is indicated by the appearance of permanent white streaks or lines on the teeth. On the other hand, severe fluorosis is indicated by the presence of gray, brown or black patches and pits atop an irregular tooth surface. While teeth may look damaged, one should remember that fluorosis is only a cosmetic condition. These teeth, even with brown spots on them due to fluorosis, are perfectly healthy unless they have decayed from another cause.

Brown Spots on Teeth Caused By Celiac Disease: The tooth enamel of people suffering from Celiac disease is often poorly developed. Brown, yellow and white spots or bands appear while the enamel is translucent. These effects are permanent in nature and the sufferers commonly go for restorations to cover the dental condition of brown spots.

Other Medical Reasons Which Cause Brown Spots on Teeth: Dental traumas and high fevers can also cause brown marks on teeth. Although rarely, but developmental conditions of the skull and bones can also affect the teeth in a similar manner.

Causes of Brown Spots on Teeth

Ways to Remove Brown Spots from Teeth

The formation of brown spots on teeth can be prevented by simply brushing the teeth thoroughly with toothpaste twice a day, swishing the teeth after every meal, flossing once a day and avoiding the intake of sugary foods or snacks. Baking soda is caustic in nature. By adding a pinch of baking soda into the toothpaste before brushing ,one can clear the brown spots on their teeth. A paste of baking soda and water when applied in circular motion on the teeth can help get rid of the most stubborn dental spots. Rubbing the teeth with the inside of an orange peel can help to naturally remove the dental stains. Further, rubbing the teeth with a pinch of salt can also have the same effect with prolonged use. Chewing more raw foods, such as celery can help in cleaning the teeth and refreshing the breath. Drinking caffeinated beverages with a straw can also help prevent brown spots on the teeth.

However, if the brown spots on teeth do not go away with these home remedies, one should consult a dentist to get the discoloration fixed. The brown spots on the teeth caused by decay can only be corrected by a visit to dentist. To do so, they remove the decayed region and replace it with a white filling that matches the patient’s natural tooth colour. The tartar can be scraped and removed by a dentist using special tools. The dentist further cleans and polishes the tooth enamel to perfect the final appearance. Brown spotting which results from Celiac disease and fluorosis is permanent and cannot be improved by whitening treatments or toothpastes. Removing the affected region would not be appropriate if the dental staining is not caused by decay, but the dentist can, however, cover the stained teeth with veneers that match the colour of the patient’s teeth and so can rid you of the brown spots on teeth.

If you see brown spots appearing on your teeth, visit a dentist immediately. The earlier the cause of this discolouration is found, the better will be the outcome for your oral health. Whatever be the reason for this dental discoloration, your dental hygienist can offer the best solution and help you regain your confidence and your beautiful smile in no time.

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