7 Tips for People With Sensitive Teeth

If you happen to struggle with tooth sensitivity, you definitely aren’t alone. There are many people who struggle with tooth sensitivity, and there are plenty of reasons why you might be experiencing it. From eating the wrong kinds of foods to simple generics, you can’t always guess the root cause of the issue, however, there are a few ways that you can manage the discomfort so you can get back to eating, drinking, and enjoying life as usual. Here are some tips for people with sensitive teeth.

1. Use a Sensitive Toothpaste

This is often the first line of defense against tooth sensitivity, as it can sometimes do the trick and provide a lot of relief — even if it’s just to tide you over before you can go to the dentist. You may even find that this is one of the avenues your dentist recommends to you when you come to them with this issue, so it can be a good idea to jump on it whenever you can.

There are plenty of sensitive-teeth toothpaste brands you can try out, too, in order to figure out which one is right for you.

2. Stop Grinding Your Teeth

This one can be a bit of a difficult one to catch and control, but there are a few ways that you can get on it if you feel like you might be someone who grinds your teeth. Not only does grinding your teeth cause excessive sensitivity, but it can also cause jaw pain and headaches — no fun all around, really.

If you tend to grind your teeth during the day, paying a little extra attention to unclenching your teeth can be all you need. If you tend to grind at night, try getting a mouth guard.

3. Avoid Bleach

It can be tempting to want to beautify using all kinds of tools and tricks, including at-home bleaching kits. Putting in a strip and bleaching your teeth seems easy enough, but it can sometimes have sensitizing effects, especially if you already struggle with the comfort of your teeth.

If you regularly use at-home bleaching kits, that might even be one of the reasons why your teeth feel so sensitive. It can be best to avoid this kind of thing unless your dentist specifically gives you the go-ahead.

4. Stay Away From Acidic Foods

Although everything is okay in moderation, it can still be helpful to avoid certain foods that you know will have a negative impact on your teeth. Specifically, acidic foods such as citrus fruits, sour candy, and even coffee can be harmful to the health of your teeth.

Especially when it comes to things like coffee, there’s a variety of benefits that can come along with giving it up anyway, so this might be a good opportunity to benefit your overall health, not just your oral hygiene.

5. Change Your Mouthwash

Just like changing up your toothpaste, changing the mouthwash that you use can sometimes strengthen your tooth enamel and protect against acids and other harmful elements that can sensitize your teeth.

This means that rather than using your usual mouthwash, you should be on the lookout for a high-fluoride mouthwash, specifically designed to protect your teeth. Even if you don’t necessarily have extremely sensitive teeth, utilizing a bit more fluoride in your oral hygiene usually can’t hurt either way.

6. See Your Dentist Regularly

This one is a good tip for everybody, no matter who you are or what your tooth sensitivity is like. However, if you notice a recent increase in the sensitivity of your teeth, you might want to book an appointment sooner rather than later. Seeing your dentist regularly can help you keep up-to-date on things like cleanings, fluoride, and regular exams.

You never know. A new sensitivity might be the result of an issue that needs immediate attention. Make sure that you’re going to the dentist every six months in order to catch any problems sooner rather than later.

7. Avoid Sugar

Much like foods with a high acid content, foods that contain a lot of sugar can also be an issue when it comes to tooth sensitivity. Although it is often considered common knowledge that sugar can harm your teeth, it can do more than cause cavities in kids. So, if you happen to be somebody who eats a lot of sugar and also has sensitive teeth, it could be a call to cut back.

Tips for Teeth Sensitivity

Although having sensitive teeth isn’t fun, there are plenty of ways to manage the discomfort and even help to mend it. By taking care of your teeth and avoiding certain harmful foods and habits, you might already notice your teeth getting stronger.

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Last Modified On:November 11, 2022

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