What Are The Signs Of Infection After Tooth Extraction?

There are times when you might find some signs of infection after tooth extraction. This kind of infection is the infection in the gum, where you have had a tooth extracted. This infection after tooth extraction is caused by bacteria in the gum. There are possibilities that the extracted tooth had an infection on its root before it was pulled, or bacteria got into the socket after the tooth extraction and caused the infection.

It must be mentioned that you will be instructed to follow some instructions after the tooth extraction, so as to reduce the risk of infection. However, sometimes even after following the prescribed instructions, there might be infection after tooth extraction. Now, what exactly are the signs of infection after tooth extraction? Read below to know about it.

What Are The Signs Of Infection After Tooth Extraction?

What Are The Signs Of Infection After Tooth Extraction?

Once a tooth is extracted, bacteria will still remain alive in the mouth. So, infections are pretty common after tooth infections. Your dentist may prescribe you some antibiotics that will significantly reduce your risk of getting an infection. However, in some cases, even antibiotics cannot prevent an infection. Infection after tooth extraction may be because, the bacteria will become more alive in the mouth than before and with the extraction site being exposed, the bacteria will be able to get into the site and cause infection. Moreover, you cannot brush or mouthwash during first 24-48 hours of the tooth extraction, and this gives more of the chance for the bacteria to spread and cause the infection after tooth extraction.

Below are some of the signs of infection after tooth extraction.

Bleeding: The first sign of infection after tooth extraction is renewed bleeding. This usually occurs 48 hours after the tooth extraction. Even though, it is not normally severe, you should still talk to your dentist and make an appointment to be properly seen. Your dentist will be able to stop the bleeding and provide you with some antibiotics and other prescription medications that will fix the problems.

Pain: A tooth extraction infection is generally painful for a day or two of getting the tooth extracted, and sometimes the pain might be accompanied with a low-grade fever, increased swelling of the jaw, gums or face. Usually, a tooth that had an infection before it was pulled can result in an infection after tooth extraction. There is an increased risk of infection if you are a smoker or if there is a poor supply of blood in the jaw. Generally antibiotics may be prescribed to reduce the pain and the infection.

Swelling: Swelling near the site of tooth extraction or on the face, also suggest that there is a presence of an infection. You can know that the infection is spreading, if the swelling reaches the face. You will require immediate treatment so as to get it stopped.

Some Other Severe Signs Of Infection Aftet Tooth Extraction: Some other severe signs of infections after tooth extractions include, visible redness on the treated gum, swelling and inflammation of the gum and cheeks, difficulty swallowing or opening the mouth, foul taste in the mouth due to excessive drainage, and inflammation because of an excessive bacterial overgrowth.


In case you are experiencing severe pain, uncontrolled bleeding or swelling of the mouth or face after tooth extraction, we encourage you to contact with your dentist and take the best possible medications or treatments to get rid of the problem and to prevent any severe complication.

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