What is the Life Expectancy of Someone with Parkinson’s Disease?

Parkinson’s disease in patients does not imply that the afflicted patients have a diminished or disappointed quality of their lives. Instead, both patients and their family members should essentially give time to understand about the Parkinson’s disease properly, so that their loved ones receive the best possible care and continue to lead a standard life for many years as possible and that too with lots of excitements.

Overview of the Problem

Parkinson’s disease indicates a progressive disease and it means it will become worse with the passage of time. In fact, it is a type of neurological disorder and it starts with a few tremors and movement slowness, but it gradually leads to postural instability. During the later stages of the problem, tremors and various other similar symptoms become debilitating to a huge extent.

While the exact cause of Parkinson’s disease is unknown among doctors, they perceive the disease has its roots in combination of varying genetics and fluctuations in different environmental factors. However, doctors are aware with two main aspects associated with the problem i.e. it takes place at onset of 60 years and more than 5 millions of people worldwide succeed to stay alive even by suffering from mild or moderate Parkinson’s problem, while a few of them even leading a good life with advanced stage of the disease.

What is the Life Expectancy of Someone with Parkinson’s Disease?

Life expectancy of a person suffering from Parkinson’s disease depends on different factors.

Gender of a Patient

Particularly, life expectancy in this case depends primarily on an individual’s gender. According to the reputed research analysts associated with Parkinson’s disease problem, old women with Parkinson’s disease succeed to live long as compared to men dealing with the same problem and at the same stage.

Level of Care

Furthermore, level of care a patient of Parkinson’s disease receives has a direct influence on the actual length of patient’s life. Modern therapies and health care solutions may help in dealing with various Parkinson’s disease symptoms effectively and at the same time, boost the quality of one’s life. In addition, therapies play a major role to avoid further progression of the problem.

Early Detection, Diagnose and Treatment

Finally, early detection, diagnose and treatment of Parkinson’s disease may help patients to reduce the risk related to any other health complications, which may take place down the line.

Other than this, most of the studies have highlighted that Parkinson’s disease does not contain any actual influence on life expectancy of individuals. This is because; individuals kept in the study groups have lived up to the same age as those without suffering from the Parkinson’s disease. Even a few people have lived more than 20 years post diagnosis.

Can Parkinson’s Disease Causes Death of a Person?

Neurologists have said that Parkinson’s disease is not any fatal disease. This implies individuals afflicted with the problem never die from the problem itself. Rather, death in such people take place because of ailments caused because of the disease.

Falls due to Parkinson’s Disease are Severe

Falls become serious problem among Parkinson’s disease patients, particularly during the later stages, as most of the times, falls result in broken bones, multiple fractures and even fatal outcomes in some of the cases.

Potential Health Complications

Other than this, there are many potential fatal health complications, which may lead to death of a person. These are accidentally breathing in different foreign objects, like any food item, formation of blood in the body, pneumonia problem and arterial blockage in the patients’ lungs.

Quality of Life Problems

While talking about quality of life, we should say that Parkinson’s disease patients deal with the biggest health issue in the form of depression. This problem detracts patients from their abilities to lead a full and a happy life. Only thing that family members of depressed Parkinson’s disease patients should do is to keep a proper track on different depression signs and make sure to schedule appointment with a doctor on a regular basis for necessary treatments.

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