Are There Any Exercises for Paraphimosis?

Are there any Exercises for Paraphimosis?

In order to improve this disease, you should perform stretching exercises for paraphimosis on the foreskin daily.

Are There Any Exercises for Paraphimosis?

  1. Pull the End Closure Against Glans Penis: If an individual has paraphimosis with extreme closure, it signifies that the foreskin ring of tissue is extremely pressed and small. Usually, this is the case where you are unable to put your fingers inside the foreskin. You will have to stretch the hole to make it wide. For this, pull the foreskin on the head of the penis as much as comfort allows. Hold is for about a minute and repeat about 5 times.

    -Try not to pull the paraphimosis foreskin ring beyond the tip of the penis or use extreme force, as this can cause injury. If the ring slips behind the tip, it may get trapped.

    -if you try to pull the ring in an erect penis it can stretch the foreskin more.

    -For best results, try the stretching exercises while in shower as he water will act as a lubricant and stretching will become easy.

  2. Hold the Edges for Stretching: If there is an open ring but the tightness due to paraphimosis does not allow the fingers to pass, try stretching the skin by holding it on the edges. Use the thumb and forefinger to hold the edge of the foreskin. Apply moderate pressure to extend the foreskin. Let the foreskin be stretched for about a minute and then repeat the process. Try and do it about 2-3 times a day.

  3. Use of Two Fingers to Expand: Once you are able to place the fingers within the foreskin, you will be very close to the foreskin being sufficiently normal. To continue stretching the foreskin ring, you can now use two fingers to stretch it. You can now use both hands to place the fingers with fingertips on each side within the foreskin. Now pull the foreskin in opposite directions to stretch it. Relax the foreskin and repeat the process. Make sure you have clean fingers to avoid infections. If possible, use the smallest fingers.

  4. Doling Frenulum Stretches: In case that the foreskin is small, stretching the frenulum may be helpful. Using the index and thumb, hold the paraphimosis foreskin in at the part where it attaches to the frenulum right below the tip of the penis. Gently pull the foreskin down. Hold it for about a minute. You can perform this exercise every time when you pass urine but it can be done at any time of the day.

  5. Try Stretching While You Take a Shower: In most cases, stretching the paraphimosis foreskin is quite painful and tough. It may become easy to stretch the foreskin if it is made wet with lukewarm water to act as a lubricant. You can bath yourself in a bathtub with lukewarm water or take a hot shower. This stretching exercise is not only good to help you relax, but warm water and moisture can help loosen and stretch the skin.

    Use a little amount of soap to act as a lubricant on the skin and avoid any type of cut or abrasion from the fingers on the foreskin; when you finish stretching exercising, rinse well to remove all the soap.

  6. Try Flesh Tunnel: In cases where you cannot stretch the foreskin enough, you can use Flesh Tunnel. It is a silicone device that can be placed on the foreskin. It will allow the foreskin to be stretched as long as it is placed there. The device can be used if you are able to insert at least one finger within the foreskin.

  7. Avoid Forcefully Retracting Foreskin: If the foreskin does not get behind the tip of the penis on its own, try not to force it. This may lead to the foreskin being trapped behind the tip of the penis. If it occurs then prompt treatment is required.


Paraphimosis can be painful, cause irritation in the penis and also sexual problems. Most of the cases of paraphimosis are treatable and within six months to a year, the foreskin can be more flexible and comfortable. It can be really useful to perform the aforementioned stretches for paraphimosis on the foreskin daily.

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