What Are Nabothian Cysts And How Is It Treated?

What Are Nabothian Cysts?

Many a times in females there are formation of minute cysts on surface of cervix which are called as Nabothian Cysts. Anatomically, the cervix connects vagina to uterus hence it is at times also called as cervical canal. These cysts are mucus filled and are secreted by the cervical glands. These cysts are also known by the name of Mucinous Retention Cyst and Epithelial Cyst. These cysts are quite common in females and are quite benign and harmless. They in no way predispose a female to cervical cancer.

 Nabothian Cysts

What Causes Nabothian Cysts?

Nabothian Cysts are formed when the cervical glands which produce mucous get covered with skin cells such that they get clogged. These skin cells clog the glands and hence causing the mucus to begin to accumulate resulting in formation of a cyst. Studies suggest that Nabothian Cysts are normally caused due to childbirth or some sort of trauma to the cervix.

Are Nabothian Cysts Accompanied By Any Symptoms?

Nabothian Cysts vary in size and can range from 1 mm to about 4 cm in size. They are usually yellow or white in color. Normally they have a smooth surface. They can be easily identified during a routine pelvic examination. These cysts are usually asymptomatic, but in case if a female experiences abnormal vaginal bleeding not due to menstrual periods, pelvic pain, or vaginal discharge then it may indicate some sort of infection which may need medical attention and hence it is advisable to consult a gynecologist if such symptoms occur.

How Are Nabothian Cysts Diagnosed?

In majority of cases, Nabothian Cysts are diagnosed during routine pelvic examination of a female. In most of the cases these cysts are considered harmless and benign. In rare circumstances when the treating physician notes some abnormality in the size of the cyst or its appearance that the physician conducts a diagnostic study called as colposcopy. In this procedure, an instrument is used to look at the cervix closely. In case if there is some abnormality suspected, then a biopsy of the cyst may be conducted to see if it may be some form of cancer.

What Are The Treatments For Nabothian Cysts?

Majority of the cases of Nabothian Cysts do not need any treatment, although very rarely the size of the cyst may be quite large and may affect the size and shape of the cervix to an extent that it may be difficult for a physician to inspect the cervix. In such cases, removal of the cyst is contemplated so that the cervix can be inspected in its entirety. Visual inspection of the cervix is extremely vital to test the reproductive health of a female. In cases where Nabothian Cysts require removal, then these cysts can be removed either by normal excision of the cysts with the help of a scalpel or a blade or by doing an electrocautery ablation. Electrocautery ablation is a procedure in which heat is generated by electric current which is used for removal of the cyst.

What Is The Overall Prognosis For Nabothian Cysts?

The overall prognosis of Nabothian Cysts is quite good with only rare instances where it requires removal but normally the size of the cysts are very small and they do not pose any danger to the health of the affected individual.

What Are Some Of The Frequently Asked Questions About Nabothian Cysts?

Below mentioned are some of the frequently asked questions relating to Nabothian Cysts:

Are Nabothian Cysts Considered Dangerous And Harmful?

The answer to the above is absolutely not. Nabothian Cysts are benign and do not pose any threat to the health of the affected individual.

Is There Any Relationship Between Pregnancy And Nabothian Cysts?

Nabothian Cysts are usually found in females who have had more than a single childbirth hence it can be said that there is some relationship between pregnancy and Nabothian Cysts.

Does The Fertility Of A Female Get Affected By Nabothian Cysts?

In case if the size of the cysts are relatively large then it may block the upward movement of the sperms affecting the fertility but in most of the cases the cysts are quite small and are away from the cervical orifice thus not affecting the fertility of a female.

Can Nabothian Cysts Predispose An Individual To Cervical Cancer?

The answer to the above is absolutely not. Nabothian Cysts in no way predispose a female to cervical cancer.

Can Nabothian Cysts Cause Miscarriages?

Again the answer to the above is no, nabothian cysts are in no way connected to any miscarriages.

Can Nabothian Cysts Spontaneously Bleed?

No. Nabothian Cysts does not bleed under any circumstances. In case if there is bleeding observed with palpation of the cysts, then the affected individual should be thoroughly examined for other potentially harmful conditions.

Pramod Kerkar, M.D., FFARCSI, DA
Pramod Kerkar, M.D., FFARCSI, DA
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