Hematospermia or Blood in Semen: Causes, Facts, Symptoms, Diagnosis, Treatment, Prognosis

What Is Hematospermia Or Blood In Semen?

Hematospermia is a medical condition in which there is presence of blood in the semen. Not many people are able to identify presence of blood in the semen and hence how often this condition occurs is very difficult to tell.

What Are The Causes Of Hematospermia Or Blood In Semen?

Hematospermia or blood in semen can be caused due to numerous medical conditions which affect the urinary tract system of the human body. The most conditions which can cause Hematospermia or blood in semen are conditions of bladder, urethra, testicles, the seminal vesicles, epididymis, and prostate. Most commonly, Hematospermia or blood in semen is observed when an individual undergoes a prostate gland biopsy. This condition may persist for a few weeks post the biopsy. Vasectomy is also a surgical procedure which can cause Hematospermia or blood in semen some time after the procedure. If an individual has not undergone any of the above said procedures, but still has Hematospermia then the cause may be a benign or a malignant condition of the urinary tract system. Some of the factors which have been noted to cause Hematospermia or blood in semen are:

Hematospermia or Blood in Semen

  • Benign or malignant tumors of prostate, bladder, or testes
  • Sexually transmitted infections like chlamydia, herpes, or trichomoniasis
  • Medical conditions like prostatitis, epididymitis, or urethritis
  • Stones in the seminal vesicles or prostate
  • Urethral polyps
  • Metastatic tumors which have infiltrated the urinary system from some other part of the body
  • Cysts in the seminal vesicles.

Facts About Hematospermia Or Blood In Semen

Below mentioned are some facts about Hematospermia:

  • It is a condition in which an individual notices blood in the semen or sperms
  • This condition is most commonly caused after a prostate biopsy or vasectomy.
  • Other factors which may cause Hematospermia are tumors, infections, presence of stones, or inflammation in the genitourinary system.
  • Hematospermia is a self limiting condition and usually resolves on its own.
  • The frontline treatment indicated for Hematospermia is dependent on the underlying cause.

What Are The Symptoms Of Hematospermia Or Blood In Semen?

Depending on the cause of Hematospermia or blood in semen, the following symptoms may be observed:

  • Pain with urination
  • Pain with ejaculation
  • Hematuria
  • Pain in the low back
  • Low grade fever
  • Testicular or scrotal tenderness
  • Testicular or scrotal swelling
  • Swelling or tenderness in groin area.

How Is Hematospermia Or Blood In Semen Diagnosed?

In order to diagnose Hematospermia, the treating physician will first take a detailed history of the affected individual in order to identify a history of any prostate problems which may have required biopsy. Additionally, the physician may inquire about any inappropriate sexual activity to rule out any sexually transmitted diseases. The physician will also try and identify other known causes of Hematospermia or blood in semen. The physician will then order diagnostic studies like urinalysis and urine culture to look for any bacterial infections as a cause of Hematospermia or blood in semen or sperms. Imaging studies like an MRI or CT scan may also be ordered to identify any tumors or cysts which may be causing Hematospermia. Additionally, a semen analysis will also be done to analyze the semen specimen as to confirm the diagnosis of Hematospermia.

What Are Treatments For Hematospermia Or Blood In Semen?

The frontline treatment for Hematospermia or blood in semen depends on the underlying cause responsible for the condition. In case of Hematospermia or blood in semen is caused due to a bacterial infection then antibiotics will be prescribed to eliminate the bacteria. Also, antibiotics will be prescribed for conditions like prostatitis to control the inflammation. Some studies have shown that an individual with Hematospermia tends to always have Prostatitis, although the efficiency of antibiotic treatment to control inflammation due to prostatitis is debatable. As in majority of cases, Hematospermia or blood in semen/sperms is an asymptomatic condition with no associated symptoms and does not affect any organ system negatively hence no treatment is required and the blood in the semen goes away on its own with time. Treatment is usually indicated for individuals who have Hematospermia persistently for over a month and is showing no signs of decreasing.

What Is The Overall Prognosis For Hematospermia Or Blood In Semen?

The prognosis of Hematospermia or blood in semen is dependent on the cause of Hematospermia, although majority of cases of Hematospermia resolves on its own without any specific treatment. Hence, it can be safely stated that the overall prognosis of Hematospermia is very good. One can definitely take precautions in order to avoid such conditions like practicing safe sex and maintaining a healthy quality of life.

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