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What Is The Prognosis For Orchitis & Lifestyle Changes For It?

Since orchitis is a viral disease there is no specific treatment available to counter the virus of mumps. But there is a quality in our body that it can make a variety of immune cells and mediators to counter every possible antigen. Interferons are released in the vicinity of the infected cells which makes surrounding cells immune to the virus.

In the case of mumps, nearly 20 % of the individuals below the age of 14 years suffer from orchitis and the rest of 80 % do not have orchitis as a complication. Out of the 20 % of patients in the adolescent age having orchitis, nearly 60 % of them undergo some sort of testicular atrophy which may not involve whole of testis but at least partial atrophy is seen.(1)

What Is The Prognosis For Orchitis?

The data for orchitis is available mostly in the younger age group ( less than 14 years) because of the vaccination and easy reporting in the children whereas not much of the figures are available in the adults and elderly age group. The good thing about the orchitis is there are only very few cases that suffer from permanent loss of fertility that is sterility. The rest of the cases gets better with time and recovers completely in the majority of them.

The overall prognosis in the condition of orchitis whether occurring due to a viral cause or a bacterial cause is good and the patient usually recovers without any further complications. The most common complication is the reoccurrence of the condition. But in a few cases, there can be complications like scrotal abscess when there is negligence on the part of the patient or the doctor and the condition is left untreated(2). The most dangerous complication arising is gangrene formation and which may lead to loss of both testicles or even can cause sepsis leading to loss of life of the patient.

Lifestyle Changes For Orchitis

For the complete and issue less cure of the disease, slight lifestyle modification has to be done for a few days. Complete bed rest is usually suggested to decrease the amount of fluid accumulation in the scrotal sac around the testis. It is because when the person is standing due to gravity there is more blood flow and venous pooling towards the lower body parts. Due to inflammation there is increased vascular permeability in the vessels of the scrotum and hence the fluid accumulation occurs which is prevented when the patient is on the bed and the whole body lies on the same level.

For similar reasons scrotal support is also suggested which helps to maintain the anti-gravity posture of the testis by pulling them upwards with the help of a bandage. V-shaped Frenchie and tight underwear are also suggested to be used because they increase the tension around the scrotum and provides lesser space for fluid accumulation. Hence, it helps in reducing the symptoms of orchitis.


Keeping in view that orchitis is a simple viral disease that can get cured in a few days and with very little treatment. But few precautions have to be taken to reduce the chances of getting such simple conditions to complicate and suffer permanent damage such as loss of fertility. So it is very important to immediately consult a doctor when such symptoms are encountered without losing time. It will help in both reducing the anxiety as well as educating yourself about the condition. Most importantly do not try to treat the condition at home with cell remedies without any known mode of treatment. You can do more harm than good by doing so.

Bed rest, scrotal support, cold sponging, v-shaped Frenchie, tight inner wears, etc are few of the lifestyle modifications suggested by the physician for early countering of the symptoms.


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