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What To Eat When You Have Hematuria?

Hematuria is marked by the presence of red blood cells in the urine. It is not harmful in many cases. But it indicates towards serious disorders in the urinary tract. It can appear in any age group; even young children are affected by this condition.[1]

What To Eat When You Have Hematuria?

What To Eat When You Have Hematuria?

No research studies say that food has any significant impact on hematuria. Some changes made in the diet may help in the quick recovery of hematuria. The food that can help to cure hematuria in natural ways-

Drinking Lots Of Fluids – consumption of lots of water helps to cure the kidney stones or infections faster. This helps in resolution of hematuria.

Fruits And Vegetables – increasing the consumption of fruits and vegetables can help in the improvement of the condition.

Cranberry Juice or Pomegranate Juice – they assist in speedy recovery from hematuria.

Bitter Gourd, Drumsticks, Green Banana – these vegetables are an excellent source of vitamins, minerals and other nutrients that help in the recovery process.[2]

Coconut Water And Spinach Juice – coconut water and spinach juice is a natural diuretic that cures infections in the bladder. It thereby cures hematuria.[3]

The food items that should be avoided are-

  • Salted food
  • Processed food
  • Packed food
  • Fatty food
  • Animal protein
  • Beetroot
  • Food rich in purine
  • Food rich in oxalates.

When the red blood cells appear in the urine, the condition is known as hematuria. The blood cells can be seen by naked eyes or microscope. Hematuria is itself a symptom of ailments of the urinary system. Its causes are medicines like antibiotics, blood thinners, etc., kidney stones, kidney infections, smoking, strenuous activities, etc. It usually doesn’t have other symptoms. It resolves by itself in one to two days without treatment in most cases. Hematuria can be managed efficiently with treatment options available in modern medicine. Diet management can also lead to its faster recovery. Hematuria is of two types, gross or microscopic hematuria.

Gross Hematuria– when blood is visible in urine by naked eyes, then this condition is known as gross or macroscopic hematuria.

Microscopic Hematuria– when red blood cells are seen only under a microscope, it is called microscopic hematuria. It is detected by urine tests in a routine checkup.[4]

Hematuria Symptoms

Hematuria does not represent any other symptom except pinkish, reddish-brown coloration of urine. If other symptoms are experienced along with hematuria, then these symptoms are the representation of ailments of the urinary system that have triggered hematuria. These symptoms can be pain and burning while urination, pain in lower abdomen, fever, etc.[5]

Hematuria Treatment

Hematuria goes by itself and does not require treatment in a majority of cases. Its treatment depends on the underlying cause. It can be treated by the management of the underlying cause.

  • If cause is strenuous exercises, avoid exercises and strenuous physical activities.
  • If the cause is kidney diseases, avoid high sodium and calcium diet.
  • If medicines like aspirin, antibiotics, etc. trigger the condition, then these medicines should be stopped.
  • If the menstrual flow is the cause, then, hematuria is not seen when the flow stops.
  • If kidney stones are the cause, then the removal of the stones by medicines or surgery helps in improvement in hematuria.
  • If an infection in the urinary tract is traced, then treatment of the infection will treat the hematuria too.
  • Stopping smoking also aids in the improvement of the condition.
  • If gout is the main cause, then treatment of gout will settle down hematuria.[6]


Hematuria means red blood cells leaking from anywhere in the urinary tract. The symptoms and treatment rely on the cause of the condition. Removal of the cause clears off the condition. Lots of fluid intake, coconut water, fruits, vegetables, and others discussed above can help in the improvement of the condition.


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