What is Friable Cervix & How is it Treated?

What is Friable Cervix?

Cervix is a connecting link between uterus and vagina. Friable cervix is physical condition in which cervix of female body is adversely affected because of infection caused due to HIV or any other STD i.e. sexually transmitted disease. Bleeding caused from cervix is commonly referred to as febrile. In Friable Cervix, the cervical tissues of the body face frequent bleeding because of infection which is caused from Chlamydia. The condition of friable cervix can be detected with the help of colposcopy procedure.

What is Friable Cervix?

Causes of Friable Cervix

Some of the common causes of friable cervix are as follows:

  • STD can cause friable cervix. As friable cervix is related to uterus; hence it can be caused with any type of STD that incorporates HPV, herpes virus, Gonorrhea etc.
  • Microbial growth in the vagina may cause friable cervix. The problem can also be caused when harmful microbial growth is found in the vagina. This occurs when the amount of good bacteria significantly decreases in the vaginal region.
  • Another cause of friable cervix is food allergy. Intake of unhygienic food can also cause friable cervix. This is so because spoiled food can cause inflammation in different the parts of the body like bladder, cervix and vagina.
  • High blood sugar level leads to friable cervix. High blood sugar leads to drastic increase in the level of insulin in human body. Insulin causes inflammation in the body, which ultimately affects other internal organs of the body.
  • Another cause can be vaginal dryness. Vaginal drying is the most common cause which leads to bleeding and also friable cervix. Proper lubrication helps in controlling the situation.

Symptoms of Friable Cervix

The following are the signs and symptoms of friable cervix:

  • Vaginal bleeding is one of the most common symptoms of friable cervix. This happens especially during or immediately after sexual intercourse. The flow of bleeding becomes so high that it can even spoil the undergarment and use of sanitary napkins becomes mandatory.
  • Second very common symptom is itching caused because of allergic reaction or infection.
  • At the time of pelvic examination doctors ay observe abnormal growth of cervical tissues.
  • If the infection caused due to chlamydia persists for long then it can cause tenderness in the pelvic region and then cause unbearable pain. In worst condition it can lead to infertility.
  • Unexpected discharge with foul smell is also a symptom of friable cervix.

Diagnosis of Friable Cervix

If patient of friable cervix is facing any sort of health issues related to reproductive organ then doctors do perform pelvic examination to detect if there is any significant abnormality observed. Febrile cervix can easily be detected in pelvic examination. In order to magnify the internal vaginal parts for better examination some of the doctors also conduct colposcopy procedure to detect human papilloma virus i.e. HPV or STDs. In colposcopy doctors make use of high intensity bright light that provide better and clear vision.

In case doctors detect any abnormality then to verify it even further doctors perform ample text of cervix tissue. In extreme condition doctors prescribe PAP smear test that helps to identify cancer in its early stage. Further, based on the finding of PAP smear test result, cervical biopsy is prescribed for diagnosing friable cervix.

Treatment of Friable Cervix

Treatment for friable cervix varies with the root cause of the problem:

If patient of friable cervix is serving from infectious problem, then Doctors opt for antibiotic treatment to prevent further spreading of infection. Bleeding caused after intercourse can be controlled by performing cervical ablation. This can be done either by performing electrocautery procedure or cryotherapy procedure. Both of these procedures are equally effective in controlling or stopping bleeding caused by intercourse. During the healing phase there are high possibility that patient may experience copious vaginal discharge. This is not the end; formation of cervical stenosis is also a common complication that is caused during the treatment phase. These complications can be controlled by successfully and safely injecting 600 mg boric acid suppositories in the vagina of the patient during bed time.

Also, patient of friable cervix can apply vaginal moisturizers or safe lubricant for preventing bleeding during or after intercourse. This is so because in most of the cases vaginal dryness can be a cause for bleeding.

Management of Friable Cervix

Other than the medical procedures, friable cervix can be controlled naturally by intake of minerals, necessary vitamins and Omega 3 fatty acids. In addition to this adequate blood glucose level and proper liver functioning helps in proper management of friable cervix.

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