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Can You Die From Dyspareunia & How Do You Stop It From Spreading?

Dyspareunia is the medical term to determine painful intercourse. It refers to recurrent or persistent pain that occurs in the genital area before, at the time, or after sexual intercourse.(1)

Painful intercourse may take place because of both psychological and physical factors, while the problem mostly takes place in women. Moreover, pain in the case of dyspareunia may range from moderate pain to a severe one.(2)

Can You Die From Dyspareunia?

Whether a person dies or survives from dyspareunia depends on prognosis. Most of the cases related to dyspareunia are present in the physical condition a patient and doctors may easily cure or control it with the right medical care and home remedies. However, if a woman has a longstanding type of painful sexual intercourse problem or any history associated with sexual trauma and/or sexual abuse, she needs regular counseling to alleviate the underlying symptoms. Overall, the prognosis of dyspareunia is good, as the problem has a relatively low death rate.(5)

Can You Die From Dyspareunia?

How Do You Stop Dyspareunia From Spreading?

According to urologists and other expert doctors in the area, there is no specific way to avoid the occurrence or the spread of dyspareunia, especially in women. However, you may choose to take the following major steps to reduce your risk related to pain, inflammation, and other related problems at the time of intercourse.

  • You should wait for a minimum period of six weeks i.e. approximately one and a half months period before you should resume your sexual intercourse activities after your delivery.
  • You should always use a suitable water-soluble lubricant and apply it regularly if you experience the problem of vaginal dryness.
  • Always retain proper hygiene by wearing clean undergarments and change it after sweating.
  • You should go for a proper and regular medical checkup if you experience any pain or inflammation in the vaginal area.
  • You should make sure to use suitable barriers and condoms to avoid sexually transmitted diseases in case you are involved in multiple sex activities.
  • Last, but not the least, you should always encourage the natural process of vaginal lubrication and give time for stimulation and foreplay activities.(6)

A few of the doctors also revealed that dyspareunia takes place due to infection or inflammation of the vaginal area i.e. involuntary or voluntary contraction of the lower vagina, insufficient vaginal lubrication, hymen remnants, tumors, endometriosis, and other pathologic conditions.(3)

Depending on the underlying condition of dyspareunia, doctors recommend certain preventative steps as treatment. For instance, if you experience the problem of painful sexual intercourse because of foreplay lacking or vaginal dryness, you may prevent it by applying suitable sexual lubricant.(4)

Symptoms Of Dyspareunia

Whenever symptoms associated with painful sexual intercourse i.e. dyspareunia take place, they include-

  • The pain takes place with burning and sharp feelings or the one similar to a menstrual cramp in women.
  • Pain at the time of sexual intercourse feels like it comes deeply from inner areas of the pelvis or pelvic muscles.
  • Many women also reported the feeling of anything to bump within their bodies.(4)


Based on the aforementioned facts, dyspareunia has a good prognosis and a low death rate. On the other side, women who suffered from sexual trauma in the past need proper medical counseling to manage their underlying problems. On the other side, if women follow certain necessary steps, such as avoid vaginal dryness by applying lubricants, wait for some time after delivery and maintain proper hygiene, and many more.


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Pramod Kerkar, M.D., FFARCSI, DA
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