Disability Benefits For Crohn’s Disease

The following article will give comprehensive information about whether Crohn’s Disease qualifies for disability benefits or not, how to win a SSD benefits due to Crohn’s Disease, and the need of an experienced SSD attorney to help get the social security disability for Crohn’s Disease.

Disability Benefits For Crohn’s Disease

Crohn’s Disease And Disability

As stated, Crohn’s Disease is a chronic pathological condition which causes inflammation and swelling in the GI tract. It usually affects the small intestine, although it can affect any part of the whole digestive tract. It is also known by the name of Inflammatory Bowel Disease. This disease usually gets worse with time and has its own periods of remission where the symptoms are not that apparent. This period of remission can last for years even though the individual may still have the disease.

To answer the question about whether can you get disability for Crohn’s Disease, then the answer is yes it can be considered for granting disability benefits. The SSA considers Crohn’s Disease to be a medical condition which can cause significant impairment in an individual and prohibit him or her from working; hence, an individual can be granted disability benefits due to Crohn’s Disease. This disease comes under Inflammatory Bowel Diseases in the list that the SSA publishes detailing the impairments which can qualify for Social Security Disability Benefits.

What Are The Causes Of Crohn’s Disease?

The root cause of Crohn’s Disease is not known, but researchers are of the opinion that the below mentioned factors have a link towards development of Crohn’s Disease

  • Autoimmune reaction
  • Genetic Factors
  • Environmental factors

Autoimmune Reaction: Researchers are of the opinion that autoimmune reaction may be one of the causes towards development of Crohn’s Disease where the immune system of the individual damages its own tissues. They are also of the opinion some bacteria or viruses trigger the immune system to damage the inner lining of intestines, which causes inflammation of the intestines resulting in development of symptoms of Crohn’s Disease.

Genetic Factors: Statistics show that Crohn’s Disease at times may run in families and is passed from one generation to another. Studies show that individuals who have a parent or sibling with this disease is prone to develop Crohn’s Disease than others.

Environmental Factors: Some studies suggest that there are certain environmental triggers present which may predispose an individual to Crohn’s disease, although it is pretty rare. Certain medications like NSAIDs, antibiotics, and oral contraceptives increase the risk for developing Crohn’s Disease. Dietary factors like a high-fiber in the diet may also increase the chance of an individual developing Crohn’s Disease

What Are The Symptoms Of Crohn’s Disease?

Symptoms of Crohn’s Disease Include:

  • Extensive diarrhea
  • Abdominal pain and cramping
  • Unintentional weight loss
  • General feeling of malaise
  • Loss of appetite
  • Fever
  • Anemia
  • Pain the joints
  • Changes in the skin with development of tender red colored bumps under the skin

Does Crohn’s Disease Qualify For Disability Benefits?

The Social Security Administration (SSA) makes use of a manual consisting of a detailed list of medical conditions which qualify for Social Security Disability benefits. This manual is known as Blue Book. This manual has a list of medical conditions which according to SSA qualify for Social Security Disability benefits provided the individual applying for a disability claim meets the criteria specified in the manual.

Based on Blue Book, Crohn’s Disease does qualify for Social Security Disability benefits if the claimant fulfills the specified criteria to qualify for Social Security Disability benefits.

In order to qualify for Crohn’s Disease which comes under the listing of Irritable Bowel Diseases in the blue book, the claimant should have documented diagnosis of Irritable Bowel Disease along with its inherent complications like untreatable anemia, bowel obstruction, fistula, unintentional weight loss more than or equal to 10% of the current body weight along with presence of an tender abdominal mass with abdominal pain and cramping making it impossible for the claimant to be engaged in a gainful employment or carry out work related activities consistently. Even if the claimant does not have the above mentioned symptoms then also he or she can qualify for disability benefits provided that the claimant can prove to the judge that the symptoms are severe enough to prohibit the claimant from working six to eight hours a day on a consistent basis and with the skill set and the educational qualification the claimant has there are no other jobs available that the claimant can pursue with the limitations.

What Role Does An SSD Attorney Play In Winning Disability Claims For Crohn’s Disease?

Studies have shown that most of the claimants who apply for SSD benefits get their claims denied initially. This is generally because majority of the claimants applying for disability have very little knowledge about how to present their case in front of the judge at the time of hearing. Therefore, it is vital to hire an experienced SSD attorney to win disability for Crohn’s Disease. An SSD attorney has significant experience when it comes to disability cases and is the best person to present the case in front of the judge appropriately. The attorney is also familiar with rules of Social Security Administration thus helping the claimant get disability benefits. The attorney also has good knowledge as to what the judge might ask at the time of hearing and what other information are required to be put forth in front of the judge at the time of hearing to win a disability claim. An SSD attorney gets paid only after the claimant has been granted disability benefits for Crohn’s Disease thus the attorney does all he or she can to win the disability claim for the client suffering from Crohn’s Disease.

Things To Know About Qualifying For Social Security Disability Benefits Due To Crohn’s Disease

If an individual becomes disabled and is not able to hold on to a job due to complications and persisting symptoms of Crohn’s Disease then the claimant is eligible for getting disability benefits

Just because you are diagnosed with Crohns Disease does not mean you will qualify for disability benefit. In order to be considered as disabled due to Crohns, it is the functional limitations that make carrying work activity impossible which matters most.
To get Social Security Disability For Crohn’s, the claimant needs to make sure that there is documented evidence diagnosing the disease for which the claimant needs to have all the medical and diagnostic records pertaining to the diagnosis and the treatments rendered along with hospital records and records of any emergency room visits due to the symptoms caused by Crohn’s Disease. The record should also document as when the disease was diagnosed, what are the symptoms experienced, what are the treatments given and the work restrictions that the treating physician has recommended. It should also be well documented that despite the claimant having been compliant with the treatments and recommendations given by the treating physician, he continues to be affected by this condition which is affecting his quality of life and impacting his ability to work or his condition has worsened despite continued treatment. The claimant should also have documented evidence of work capacity and limitations due to Crohn’s Disease.

The claimant should work in coordination with the treating physician along with an experienced SSD attorney to develop the case and present it to the honorable judge so that the chances of winning the disability claim becomes extremely bright.


To conclude, an individual suffering with Crohn’s Disease who has significant limitations of function and is not able to be employed and is not able to work consistently due to symptoms and complications of Crohn’s Disease need to work in tandem with the treating physician and hire an SSD attorney so that he or she can get disability benefits for which he or she is entitled to due to Crohn’s Disease.

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