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Workplace Accident: Consequence on Workers and Type of Injuries

Consequence of Workplace Accident on Workers

Workplace accidents or occupational accidents are injuries incurred by an individual at one’s place of work. For many individuals their work or occupation is a means of providing their livelihood, making use of their talents, achieving recognition and progressing further in life.

Workplace accidents or occupational accidents

The employers are responsible for the safety of their workers and the workers depend on their employers to provide them with a safe working environment. Most of the workplaces are quite safe for the employees and the employers try to provide them as much a safe working environment as is possible. Nevertheless, despite all the efforts, there are some offices and warehouses, which involve hazards or contain dangers. Some of these hazards are obvious while some of them are obscure. Due to this, workers can suffer from injuries, which make them eligible for work injury compensation.

Type of Injuries That One Can Sustain in Workplace Accident or Occupational Accident

Any type of injury, such as occurring from road accidents or while playing sports is always frightening, but injuries occurring during work can be even more depressing, as individuals depend on their job for their livelihood and if the worker loves its job, then it is even more worrisome for the worker. Some common Workplace Injuries or Occupational injuries which can occur are: Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI) due to continuous typing at high speed or slip and fall due to spilled water or oil at the workplace, getting hit on the head while removing something heavy from above etc. All these can result in serious, debilitating workplace injuries, which can hinder not only a person’s professional life but also personal life. Personal accident injury claims are usually filed in similar circumstances; however, if a worker has been injured at the workplace though no fault of one’s own then the best procedure to follow is to file a claim against the employer.

As mentioned above, many types of injures can occur in a workplace. One of the common workplace injuries which the workers suffer from is Repetitive Strain Injury or RSI. This can affect any person who types continuously for long hours (8 hours or more per day) on a PC or a laptop. Individuals suffering from RSI have great difficulty and suffer from a lot of pain while performing the simplest of tasks, which require the use of their hands. RSI can be very debilitating and can handicap an individual for life, so much so that the individual may not be able to do any kind of job and may not be able to earn one’s livings. Asbestos poisoning and vibration white finger (VWF) are other types of injuries/diseases that can affect a worker in a workplace. These injuries, like RSI, can be very debilitating in a worker’s life and affects one’s health and future as well. So, whatever the type of injury incurred at the workplace, making a claim for work injury compensation is always an option.

Workplace Accidents/Occupational Accidents


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Pramod Kerkar, M.D., FFARCSI, DA
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