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Best Treatment for Prickly Heat Rash & Its Prevention

Prickly Heat Rash is further subdivided into three types namely crystallina, profunda, and rubra depending on the severity of obstruction of the eccrine glands causing the rash. Prickly Heat Rash is a self-limiting condition and resolves by itself once the blockage clears [1].

Generally, medications are not required for treatment of Prickly Heat Rash but at times if the rashes become too uncomfortable then a consultation with a physician is recommended. The area where Prickly Heat Rash generally are seen are the face, shoulders, and the neck even though these rashes may develop anywhere along the body [2].

Children are mostly affected by Prickly Heat Rash than adults although everyone is equally susceptible to this condition. This article gives a brief overview of some of the best ways to treat Prickly Heat Rash and whether these rashes are preventable [2].

Best Treatment for Prickly Heat Rash

Best Treatment for Prickly Heat Rash

In majority of the cases, Prickly Heat Rash goes away on its own within a few days. However, while the time it is there it may cause annoying and discomforting symptoms. Many people try home remedies to treat this rash even though there are innumerable products available in the market like calamine lotion or steroid creams that can take care of this condition effectively [2].

Avoiding sweat to come to the surface of the skin is the quickest way to treat Prickly Heat Rash. This can be done just by sitting in front of an air-cooler or an air-conditioner for some time. Some people resort to a cold shower to cope with the heat and cool off the body to treat Prickly Heat Rash. Camphor is another effective home remedy to treat Prickly Heat Rash. This has a cooling effect on the body and decreases the itching sensation caused by the rash [2].

In case of severe Prickly Heat Rash then antihistamines may be prescribed by the physician to get rid of the rash quickly. People who work out in the day during summer months are prone to Prickly Heat Rash. For these people as soon as they get home from work a cool shower with antibacterial soap is quite effective. This not only prevents the eccrine glands from blocking but also cools the body after being out in the hot day. It thus helps clear off any prickly heat rash that may have developed during the day [2].

Children and infants are more vulnerable to Prickly Heat Rash. This is because they have developing eccrine glands and also their body finds it difficult to adjust to different temperatures. This results in the glands getting blocked easily than adults. The areas where Prickly Heat Rash is seen in children and infants are the groin, neck, and face [2].

This may be extremely irritating and discomforting for the baby causing him to cry and be irritable. However with over the counter calamine lotion and prickly heat powders some of the discomfort can be calmed until the time the rash clears away completely on its own after a few days [2].

Till the time, the baby has Prickly Heat Rash it is recommended that parents should avoid skin products which has any form of oil in its ingredients to prevent the eccrine glands from clogging and causing Prickly Heat Rash [2].

Can Prickly Heat Rash be Prevented?

The best way to prevent Prickly Heat Rash is to prevent the eccrine glands from getting clogged thereby causing the sweat to get trapped. This is quite an easy thing to do by just not using skin products which may clog the glands like oil or jelly as these are the most common causes of clogged eccrine glands [2].

Additionally, avoiding tight fitting or nylon clothes is another way to avoid getting Prickly Heat Rash. Instead, try and wear cotton clothes which do not rub into the skin and cause rashes in the summers. Another way to prevent Prickly Heat Rash is to remove the sweat soaked clothes after coming home from work to prevent the sweat from getting trapped within the skin [2].

The best is to avoid going out in the hot and humid weather and whenever possible getting some shade or the comforts of an air-conditioner to cool off the body and prevent Prickly Heat Rash [2].

To decrease excessive sweating taking cool showers is extremely vital as it decreases the body temperature which spikes when out in the sun in the summer months. After bath always use prickly heat powder or other lotions for prickly heat to prevent any symptoms. These products are easily available at a local pharmacy and do not require any prescriptions [2].


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