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Causes of Itchy Forehead & Way to Get Rid of it

Itchy Forehead is basically caused by irritation, disease, or some sort of damage to the cells of the forehead. Itchy Forehead is quite common but usually this does not stay for long and goes away on its own but there are every chances of it coming back. The onset of Itchy Forehead may be sudden and it resolves the way it started meaning that it goes away all of a sudden, although there are cases where Itchy Forehead persists for a long period of time and does not go away and in fact worsens with time. There may be presence of rash in the forehead as well. This is when the underlying cause of itchy forehead needs to be established and a treatment course formulated for itchy forehead. This article gives a brief overview of what are some of the potential causes of itchy forehead and various simple remedies to get rid of it.

What Causes Itchy Forehead?

What Causes Itchy Forehead?

The first and foremost cause for an Itchy Forehead is a skin condition. This condition may begin with the presence of a rash which then starts to itch and may persist for a few days till the inflammation calms down. Other than this, below mentioned are some of the potential causes of Itchy Forehead:

Allergies: This is the most common cause of Itchy Forehead. There are different conditions that occur due to skin allergies namely atopic and contact dermatitis. Contact dermatitis occurs when an individual comes in contact with some chemical or product to which he or she is allergic to. When this allergen comes in contact with the skin of the forehead it results in Itchy Forehead.

Atopic dermatitis is yet another common skin allergy which is usually found in children. It is known by the name of eczema in common terms. This condition may occur along with allergic rhinitis and asthma. This condition causes the skin to get dry, cracked, and extremely itchy. Atopic dermatitis can also cause itchy forehead.

Skin Irritants: Irritants are substances which tend to irritate the skin of an individual. These substances may be anything ranging from soap, powder, makeup kit, to certain chemicals. The major irritants causing Itchy Forehead are hair care products like shampoo, hair dye and the like. Another cause for skin irritation causing Itchy Forehead is long hairs which constantly touch the forehead area, especially if the hair is dirty and not properly washed which makes it prone to lot of dusts and other environmental allergens. This can cause skin irritation resulting in Itchy Forehead.

Headgears: Wearing headgear like a helmet or head scarf for prolonged periods of time can also be one of the causes for Itchy Forehead. Wearing headgear for prolonged periods of time can cause contact dermatitis which in turn leads to Itchy Forehead. Also, the heat and sweat that is generated due to rubbing of the headgear to the head may also result in skin irritation causing Itchy Forehead.

Acne: This is a medical condition commonly associated with itching at various parts of the body. An Itchy Forehead can also be caused due to Acne, but this form of acne which causes itching on forehead is limited to adolescents but in some cases some adults also present with acne as a cause of itchy forehead.

Sunburn: Being out in the sun for long periods of time may also cause Itchy Forehead. Just like any other part of the body the forehead is also prone to be affected from sunburn, perhaps more than the other parts of the body as this is the exposed part of the body and comes in direct contact with sunlight and hence causes itching on forehead.

Skin Wounds: Skin wounds on forehead which are in the healing stages and covered with bandage can cause itchy forehead.

Psychologic Causes of Itchy Forehead: There are some cases where Itchy Forehead does not occur due to any of the above mentioned conditions and may be just a part of habit of an individual. Stress and anxiety are such examples when an individual may have Itchy Forehead without any known skin condition.

Chronic Skin Disorders: There are also certain skin disorders that may cause Itching on forehead. These disorders are:

Ways to Get Rid of Itchy Forehead

Itchy Forehead is a condition which is sudden in onset but it also goes the way it came. In some instances, the itching may be persistent and may also be associated with a rash. In such instances, a consultation with a dermatologist is required to find out the underlying cause and formulate a treatment plan. Apart from this, there are certain simple remedies which one can follow to get rid of Itchy Forehead. These remedies are:

  • Rinse the forehead and scalp area with cool water. Try and avoid using hard soaps or soaps with lot of fragrance as they may further irritate the skin. Antibacterial soap is recommended for cleaning of the forehead and getting rid of Itchy Forehead.
  • One can try using lemon to get rid of itchy forehead. Citric and acetic acids contained in lemon have great antiseptic and anti-irritating properties.
  • Apple cider vinegar can also be an effective remedy to get rid of itchy forehead because of its antiseptic, anti-itching, antifungal and antibacterial properties. Apply some apple cider vinegar to the forehead using cotton balls, leave it on for some time and then rinse it with water.
  • Another effective remedy to get rid of itchy forehead is to apply some aloe vera gel to the forehead. It can not only sooth burns but can also soothe itchy skin.
  • Try and avoid using hair care products like shampoo or hair dye too close to the forehead as it may result in skin irritation resulting in Itchy Forehead. Avoiding this may help get rid of itchy forehead.
  • When going out in the sun use of sunscreen is recommended to the forehead area to prevent the area from being sunburned and also to get rid of itchy forehead
  • If you have itchy forehead, then try and avoid using a headgear for extremely long period of time.
  • Try and avoid sharing your combs or hair brushes with people who may have had fungal infections or head lice as it may lead to Itchy Forehead.


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