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How Is Limited Scleroderma Treated?

Limited scleroderma is a type of scleroderma i.e. a condition indicating hardening of one’s skin. Skin changes related to limited scleroderma occurs typically only in the lower part of one’s legs and arms, below the knees and elbows and in some cases, it affects the neck and face. However, in case of severe complications, the disease may even affect the digestive tract, kidneys, lungs and heart of a patient. Individuals often deal with minor problems but sometimes, the disease affects heart or lungs, which lead to adverse results.

How is Limited Scleroderma Treated?

Limited Scleroderma disease does not have any cure and hence, the treatment focuses on relieving of symptoms and avoiding further complications.

Medicines for Managing Limited Scleroderma

Doctors recommend various types of medicines to ease the signs and symptoms related to Limited Scleroderma disease, which include the following-

Topical and Oral/Intravenous Antibiotic Medicines

In case skin ulcers infect as a result of limited scleroderma, you have to apply topical antibiotic medicines and bandage the affected area. In case the topical treatment fails to give you the desired results, you have to go with intravenous or oral antibiotics.

Antacid Drugs

If you suffer from heartburn problem, your doctor recommends you antacid drugs, as they reduce/prevent acid formation in your stomach.

Drugs to Lower Blood Pressure

Medications intend to open small blood vessels as well as increase blood circulation may relieve various Raynaud’s symptoms, while reduce increase in the arteries pressure between your kidneys, lungs and the heart.

Drugs as Immune System Suppressor

Immune system suppressor type of drugs or medications has proved to be beneficial in preventing a specific condition, where excessive collagen accumulates in tissues in between the air sacs of one’s lungs.

Therapy for Limited Scleroderma

If you are dealing with stiffness and painful joints, along with other similar types of problems while suffering from limited scleroderma, you have to undergo with occupational or physical therapy. These therapies have prime roles to teach you various easy but effective exercises to maintain your physical strength and flexibility in your body.

Physical Therapy or PT for Limited Scleroderma

Stretching related exercises for limited scleroderma are of huge significance to avoid mobility loss in the finger joints. In addition, you have to perform facial exercises, so that you may retain flexibility of your mouth and face both.

Occupational Therapy for Limited Scleroderma

In case of occupational therapy, your therapist will let you learning many new ways related to performing your daily tasks based on your requirements. For instance, therapists recommend special flossing devices and toothbrushes, so that you may take care of your teeth and gums in an easy way.

Surgery for Limited Scleroderma

Surgery may become essential among the patients suffering from specific type of problems related to limited scleroderma disease. These include-

Painful or relatively large deposition of calcium requires surgical procedures to remove from the skin or joints.

Laser surgery for limited scleroderma is essential to reduce the appearance of red lines or spots caused due to swelling in the blood vessels nearby the skin surface.


To conclude, we should say that the treatment associate with the disease of Limited Scleroderma focuses solely on symptoms and complications faced by a particular patient.


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