Laser Sun Spot Removal, Recovery, Cost and Benefit

Medical science has made it possible to have hassle free treatment for various skin conditions such as aging, acne and the sun spots on face and body from tanning. Sun spots have become quite a common problem in the recent times and the latest laser treatment for sun spots is simpler than any treatment modality. The main reason for the popularity of laser sun spot removal treatment is devoting minimal time, safe and economical way of treatment with good results and recovery.

Laser Sun Spot Removal Treatment

Laser Sun Spot Removal Treatment

It is important to know what laser treatment for sunspot removal is all about. Laser sun spot removal treatment is done generally when there is large pigmentation or dark spots on the skin. Sun spots are commonly seen on the face, neck, shoulders and back.

In laser sun spot removal, a ray of focused beam is used to supercharge those spots which have fallen prey to sunlight. The laser beam contains the vitamins and nutrients that reenergize the darker areas on your face. Sun spot laser treatment is preferred by many and is even more helpful for aging women as the impact of sun tan is more on them.

The laser reacts with the melanin on your face which is responsible for the dark spots and breaks it up, such that it helps you in getting a more revamped look. The best thing with this laser sun spot removal treatment is that these beams are highly focused and thus they inflict the damage on the melanin which has been concentrated at a certain spot.

Treatment Duration of Laser Sun Spot Removal

Laser sun spot removal treatment saves on your time and money. Each treatment session with laser beams last for around 20-30 minutes so you need not to take a lot of time from your busy schedule for this purpose. For some, it may take a little longer, depending on the sun spots, but it is still pretty quick.

The duration of complete treatment generally depends on the extent and severity of the spots on the face. In some cases, only 1-2 sessions of laser treatment are enough while in some other cases, more number of sessions are needed to completely remove the dark spots from your face. You must also look to research a bit in the market and go for the best laser sun spot removal to have a better impact in rather quick time.

Recovery Time after Laser Sun Spot Removal

Although laser treatment does not have any major side effects, you may have discoloration of the concerned area for some time which disappears in a few days. Laser sun spot removal recovery time is generally around 3-4 days but in some cases it may extend up to one or two weeks. It all depends on the extent of the dark spots. When the laser is applied on lighter spots, the recovery time is not more than five days. When the laser treatment is used for treatment of the darker spots, the recovery time may be around 7 to 10 days.

In order to remove the discoloration even earlier, you need to take care of your face after removal of spots. Some of the tips for the laser dark spots removal aftercare include refraining from any hard exercises that puts pressure on your face for 2-3 days. During this period, you must not scrub or go for facial, you may have shower but make sure that soap is gentle, to help with recovery after laser treatment. These practices help a great deal in ensuring greater benefits from laser sun spot removal treatment and help you with a rejuvenated face.

Cost of Laser Sun Spot Removal Treatment

Cost of laser sun spot removal on face is also very low when compared with other treatments. It just takes around two sessions for complete removal. Each session costs you around $50-250 based on your choice of the medical center. This is very low when you compare it with the cost of other operations to remove these dark spots.

Benefits of Laser Sun or Age Spots Removal Treatment

What makes laser sun spot treatment on face more popular than other treatment options is the benefits it offers.

  • One of the first reasons that make you to go for this treatment is that the pain associated in this treatment is pretty less as compared to other ways. When you take help of cosmetic surgery for removing these spots, you might have to bear some good pain which is not the same with the laser treatment.
  • Another very important thing with the laser treatment for the dark spots on face is that it has very little to no side effects. When you make use of chemical creams and medicines, they have an impact on other areas along with the dark spots. But with the laser beams, there is no such problem which makes it quite a wise choice for you.
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