Symptoms of Seed Tick Bites & How to Remove Seed Ticks at Home?

Seed ticks can affect humans as well as pets. Seed ticks are capable of causing some serious health infections on the body. If the ticks go deep in the skin, they can actually start sucking blood from the body. It can also be a home for different types of diseases and infections. Some of the common diseases that are caused as a result of seed tick problem include tularemia or rocky mountain fever. It is important to understand the symptoms of seed ticks bites on skin and how to remove seed ticks at home.

Seed ticks are usually managed with anti-histamines or antibiotics, as prescribed medicines. Following medical advice is essential to deal with symptoms of seed tick bites. Some home remedies can help to remove seed ticks at home.

What Are The Prominent Symptoms Of Seed Tick Bites?

What Are The Prominent Symptoms Of Seed Tick Bites? 

The basic thing about a seed tick is that it does not carry any sort of pathogen with it, which can produce any prominent symptoms of the problem. Hence, the main symptom of seed tick bites are swelling and itching on that particular affected region. 

But other associated diseases like rocky mountain fever, which are caused due to seed tick bite, do have some prominent symptoms. Let us explore the symptoms of diseases which are caused due to seed tick bite in the following points, 

  • Main symptoms of seed tick bites causing rocky mountain fever includes rashes on ankle and wrist with muscular pain in the body. 
  • In Tularemia, the symptoms of seed tick bites present with a swollen skin on the affected area. Along with that, the lymphatic nodes also get swollen up. The spleen increases in size and the person usually has a very high fever, along with shedding lots of sweat.
  • Another disease caused by seed tick bite, is Lyme disease which shows symptoms like rapid fever conditions, high rate of heart beat and a weighing noise in the ears. Along with that, there can be rashes on the skin, which are mainly caused due to seed tick bites.

How to Remove Seed Ticks At Home?

How to Remove Seed Ticks At Home?

Everyone should know the ways to treat seed tick bites and to be able to remove the seed ticks from the body. Treatment of seed tick bite, mainly includes antibiotics and anti-allergic medicines, as appropriate. In order to prevent further spread of seed tick bites, it is essential to start treating your pet as well.

With some easy and effective home remedies, you can understand how to remove seed ticks bites. Here are some ways and ideas about how to remove seed ticks at home.

  • Remove Seed Ticks at Home With Tweezers – A seed tick is basically a small dot which appears on the skin. The number of seed ticks gradually increases, if it not treated properly. Do not touch the seed ticks directly with your hand; instead make use of knife for scraping the seed ticks. You can also use tweezers, to remove seed ticks and eliminate the spread of seed ticks. If possible make use of a magnifier, as the seed ticks are very tiny in shape, and are not visible clearly.
  • Apply Aloe Vera Juice – A wonderful remedy to remove seed ticks on skin is to apply Aloe Vera juice on the affected area. Aloe Vera juice or gel is known to be one of the most effective remedy for treating seed ticks problem.
  • Use Masking Tape – Another easy trick to remove the seed ticks on skin is to make use of masking tape. Just place the tape gently on the area which has the seed ticks, and then pull the masking tape forcefully, so that all the ticks can be removed by sticking to the tape.
  • Using anti-lice shampoo – If you are unable to remove the seed ticks with the help of masking tape, using an anti-lice shampoo can help.
  • Apply ice-packs – One of the commonest symptoms of seed tick bites is the itching sensation in the affected area. The best solution to relieve itching is to apply ice packs on it. Just wrap some ice cubes in a clean and soft towel, and apply it on the affected area.

So, if you are facing any signs of rashes and intense itching on the body, it is possible that these could be symptoms of seed ticks bites. Make sure that you remove them carefully, without making a direct contact with your hand to avoid the possible spread of infection. These simple measures can help to remove seed ticks at home, however, if required, medical help should be sought.

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Pramod Kerkar, M.D., FFARCSI, DA
Pramod Kerkar, M.D., FFARCSI, DA
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