What Causes Palm Skin Rash & How to Get Rid of it?

What is Palm Skin Rash?

As is the case with any part of the body, a skin rash can develop in the inside part of the hand or the palm. In fact, the palm of the hand is the most vulnerable area of the body which is almost always exposed to the environment exposing them to many allergens present in the environment. Also, palms are the most used part of the body either at work or at home when doing household activities which further exposes it to various allergens and irritants.

Apart from this, the hand and with it the palm comes in contact with various other people during the day which is yet another reason as to why a palm skin rash is quite common. A palm skin rash can also develop due to some kind of skin conditions like dryness, roughness, swelling, and fluid-filled pustules. A Palm Skin Rash may or may not be accompanied by itching and even if there is any itching accompanied by the rash it is only for a few minutes before it resolves spontaneously only to come again after some time.

As stated above, since the hand and especially the palm of the hand which is the most exposed part of the body is most vulnerable to rashes hence it is important to identify potential causes of Palm Skin Rash and ways to get rid of it.

What is Palm Skin Rash?

What Causes Palm Skin Rash?

Skin rashes tend to occur due to a variety of reasons which may range from an injury to the area to certain allergies. Certain autoimmune disorders may also cause a skin rash to occur. These rashes may occur at any part of the body but there are some rashes which specifically occur in the palm of the hand. Some of the causes for Palm Skin Rash are:

Skin Dryness: Skin dryness is a common condition which many people have and it also tends to affect the palms of the hands. This becomes worse if you come in contact with certain allergens or are in an extremely dry climate. This skin dryness, if not properly addressed, can cause cracking and peeling of the skin causing you to scratch the palm ultimately resulting in Palm Skin Rash.

Injury: A direct trauma or injury to the palm of the hand may also result in palm skin rash, although it is not that common. The most common injury that can result in Palm Skin Rash is a cut or a burn to the palm of the hand which can happen to anyone either at home or at work. An individual can also get injured due to certain chemicals like the one used in swimming pools and end up having a palm skin rash.

Contact Dermatitis: This is yet another common condition which can cause rash on palm. This condition occurs when the skin comes in contact with certain substances that tend to trigger an allergic reaction. This is seen more in people who are in the chemical industry who are exposed to various type of chemicals and even though they are appropriately protected still sometimes some chemicals seeps in to come in contact with the skin, especially of the hands causing Palm Skin Rash. Even some types of soaps and detergents and even sweat can result in contact dermatitis causing rash on palms.

Atopic Dermatitis: This type of dermatitis is mainly seen in children. It is also known by the name of eczema. This results due to a hypersensitive immune system. This may occur in combination with allergic rhinitis. In this condition, the skin gets abnormally dry, cracking, and swollen and causes Palm Skin Rash.

Dyshidrotic Dermatitis: This is a condition in which there is development of blisters or rash on the skin of the hands and palm as well as the feet. What causes this condition is not yet known but it is believed to be caused due to a fungal infection, hypersensitivity to certain drugs, allergic reactions, or in some cases emotional stress. This type of rash is very itchy and constant itching cause blisters to form on the skin surface.

Impetigo: This is a bacterial infection caused after a cut or break in the skin, in this case, the palm of the hands which allows the bacteria to seep in the body. The infection can cause severe rash and itching on palms and needs to be treated promptly. If not, then this infection can spread rapidly along the arm to other parts of the body which may be potentially dangerous.

Ringworms: This is a common fungal infection resulting in Palm Skin Rash. These types of infections are normally superficial and do not affect the internal parts of the body. Dermatophytes are the fungi that cause Ringworms resulting in rash on palms.

Tinea Nigra: This is a type of fungal infection specifically occurring in the palm of the hands causing Palm Skin Rash. This type of infection is quite uncommon and along with the rash there is accompanying redness and swelling.

Apart from the above mentioned common causes of Palm Skin Rash some of the other causes are:

How to Get Rid of Palm Skin Rash?

Getting rid of palm skin rash depends on what is actually causing it. Some palm skin rash may not require any treatment and go away on their own whereas some types of rashes may require prompt and prolonged treatment. The common treatment for palm skin rash involves application of antifungal and antibacterial cream along with certain medications to treat allergic reactions. It is important to note here that if you are trying to self treat palm skin rash then it is highly recommended to consult a dermatologist before starting any lotions or creams as the doctor would be the best guide in helping you get rid of palm skin rash. Some of the common treatments for Palm Skin Rash are:

  • Emollients can be used for moisturizing the skin and get rid of the dryness of the skin and allow the rash to heal and ultimately get rid of palm skin rash.
  • There are several antifungal and antibacterial creams available which can be applied on the affected area to get rid of rash on palms.
  • Palm skin rash caused due to allergic reactions can be treated successfully by use of antihistamines
  • In case if inflammation is the cause of palm skin rash then corticosteroids are quite effective in getting rid of rash on palms.

Even though Palm Skin Rash may sound a minor ailment but it can sometimes be a sign of a more serious illness and hence it is recommended that if you have a rashes on palm then it is always get better to get that checked by a dermatologist for the underlying cause so that a treatment plan can be formulated for the underlying cause and getting rid of Palm Skin Rash.

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