What Causes Rosacea & Does Rosacea Worsen with Age?

About Rosacea

Rosacea is a common condition affecting the skin. This condition is quite similar to another skin disorder called Acne in its presenting features and other characteristics. The symptoms of Rosacea can be described as redness of the facial area which persists for prolonged period of time. There is also prominence of the blood vessels is the presence redness of the face and prominence of blood vessels in the facial area.

With the progression of the disease, there can be pimple like blisters seen on the face. These blisters are filled with pus. The symptoms of Rosacea may be present for a couple of months and then fade away but only to recur again, especially if the condition remains untreated.

What Causes Rosacea ?

What Causes Rosacea ?

The primary cause for Rosacea is still not clear but certain environmental factors tend to play a role in the development of this condition. The genetic makeup of an individual also has a role to play when it comes to a condition like Rosacea. As is the case with many other skin disorders Rosacea is never caused in an individual with poor hygienic habits.

Some of the environmental factors that tend to cause Rosacea are eating hot and spicy foods, alcohol abuse, being in either too hot or too cold weather conditions, being exposed for long hours out in the sun. An emotionally stressed individual can also be predisposed to developing Rosacea.

Heavy exercise routine is also shown to cause Rosacea. Application of certain cosmetic products also makes an individual vulnerable to Rosacea. Using certain antihypertensives also can cause Rosacea as these medications dilate the blood vessels in the facial area and with more flow of blood to these areas there is the characteristic redness of the face as seen with this condition.

Additionally there are certain risk factors which increase the chances of an individual developing Rosacea. These factors are:

  • Female gender above the age of 30
  • Fair complexion
  • Nicotine use or abuse
  • An individual with a family member with a known diagnosis of Rosacea is also at risk for developing this condition.

Does Rosacea Worsen With Age?

The answer to this question is, yes, Rosacea can worsen with age. The disease progression of Rosacea is quite unpredictable and variable. If Rosacea remains untreated then the symptoms of this condition tend to worsen as one grows old. There have been various studies conducted which have shown that In patients who did not get treated for Rosacea generally complained of worsening in their symptoms within a span of a couple of years.

However, if diagnosis and treatment is done in a timely manner then this progression can be stopped. Minor cases of Rosacea with very minimal symptoms do not require any treatment. Treatment is given only for those patients who have persistent symptoms.

Rosacea is a condition which does not have cure and the treatment is aimed at calming down the symptoms and preventing any complications which may arise due to lack of treatment.

The treatment may include topical and oral medications. In severe cases, the patient may also be given antibiotics to deal with any bacteria if present and also clear away any inflammation due to the condition. Laser therapies are also quite useful in treating the blisters caused by Rosacea.

In addition to the medications, certain lifestyle measures like avoiding hot and spicy foods, abstaining from alcohol, eating fish and green vegetables need to be followed in order to prevent worsening of the condition.

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