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How Long Are You Out Of Work After Tennis Elbow Surgery?

Before knowing how long will it take for a person to continue their work after tennis elbow surgery one should know what tennis elbow is and how it happens and precautions to prevent it!

Tennis elbow refers to inflammation of lateral condyle of the humerus at the site of origin of extensor muscles. Patient presents with the complaint of pain and tenderness on lateral condyle, which should usually occur when there is an excessive extension of the elbow, which causes stress on extensor muscles. As a result excessive extension is avoided in such conditions.[1]

Who Has A Chance Of Getting Tennis Elbow?[2]

As the name suggests a person who is a tennis player is most likely to get tennis elbow, but they are not only the ones who are likely to get tennis elbow. A person who is involved in typing or keyboard work, especially computer operators or even athletes. In these scenarios there is significant pressure on lateral condyle while using the mouse and hence increase the risk of tennis elbow. Squeezing of clothes at a time can cause tennis elbow. So person involved in such occupation should take excessive care.

Prevention is better than cure. Therefore, for the one who uses an excessive computer should tie a bandage around the elbow so as to prevent direct trauma to lateral condyle. A bandage will act as a mechanical barrier. A tennis player should even take care while playing. Lateral condyle along with medical condyle is injured at times. Ergo rest, ice therapy compression should be given as early treatment. If all these fail to provide relief then the patient should be put on medical therapy which includes high dose analgesic and in resistant cases corticosteroid.

If drug therapy fails then only a patient is considered for the operation. And another hindrance is age. If the person is elderly then the most likely doctor will keep him on lifelong drug therapy as in old age there is less chance of recovery. Before going for operational risk and benefits should be calculated. Elderly women, children and immunocompromised patients are high-risk patients and operation should be avoided in such patients.

How Long Are You Out Of Work After Tennis Elbow Surgery?

How Long Are You Out Of Work After Tennis Elbow Surgery?[3-4]

So now the question arises when should a person resume one’s job? It varies from type of surgery as well as the immunity of a person. It is a rule of thumb that there is a quick recovery in younger age as compared to older age, thus when a surgeon is planning surgery, one should consider this fact. There are cases where surgeons deny for surgery when the patient is very elderly as there is very less chance of recovery.

So it totally depends how your immunity is and how well your body responds to surgery. Drugs like corticosteroid hinder with the healing process and hence mostly it is advised not to consume these drugs when you have the fracture. Mostly clinician makes sure that these drugs should be stopped at the time of healing. These are only given when they are urgently needed else they should be avoided as much as possible.

Ultimately when it comes to resuming job after surgery it is quite subjective, as it varies from person to person. People having good immunity respond well while those who are immunocompromised or elderly individuals require a bit more time than usual. So, age and immunity are the two deciding factors which decide recovery from surgery.

Hence, tennis elbow surgeries which are most of the times successful. Only a few things should be kept in mind which includes patient immunity status, nutrients like vitamins and minerals which help in early healing and age. It is a minor operation which is not very expensive and less time-consuming. Recovery is quick and one can continue with the job as soon as the patient can perform hand movements.


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