Healing Effects of Lavender

The plant lavender and its oil have been known to have some real great health effects since ages. There are a lot of varieties of the plant and one of the most popular varieties of lavender plant that is used for medicinal uses grows at higher altitude. In this current article of ours we will know about some of the best healing effects of lavender. Hope this would be an essential read for you.

Healing Effects of Lavender

Overview on Lavender:

Lavender is an evergreen shrub that produces scented flowers and is known to have wonderful healing effects to mankind. Lavender oil is known to be one of the excellent essential oils that have a sweet, floral and slightly woody scent and pale yellow or green in color. At times, it may also be colorless.

Lavender oil contains rich amount of esters which are actually aromatic molecules with antispasmodic, calming, detoxifying and stimulating properties. It also has linalyl acetate, linalool etc. which are known to have natural germicide properties. Camphor and terpinen-4-ol are also present in the lavender oil. There are various other chemical constituents like limonene, lavandulyl acetate, cis-ocimene, geraniol etc which are responsible for its antiviral, anti-inflammatory properties etc. Lavender is known to be very effective at soothing, balancing, calming and revitalizing the mind and body. Presence of ketones in lavender helps in treating dry asthma, cough, flu etc. Generally lavender is anti-infectious with a sedative effect on the central nervous system. Overall, Lavender is known to be very effective at soothing, balancing, calming and revitalizing the mind and body.

Because of all the wonderful properties of lavender, it is used in various ways. Some of the best known healing effects of lavender include the benefits to skin health, mental health benefits, benefits to hair health, and various others. In our following arrays we will talk about the healing effects of lavender in a detailed manner.

Healing Effects of Lavender:

Coming straight on the healing effects of lavender, we have categorized them in to following.

  1. Healing Effects of Lavender on Skin Health:

    Lavender is known to be healthy enough for the skin. It helps in eradicating various skin conditions like acne, wounds and burns when massaged on the skin. It is known to treat skin disorders like psoriasis, eczema, wrinkles etc. It is also known to treat sunburns on the skin. Lavender can also sooth itchy skin and help in soothing insect bites. Being anti-inflammatory in nature it aids in reducing itching, swelling and redness.

  2. Healing Effects of Lavender on the Mental Health:

    There are also some wonderful mental health benefits of lavender. It is known to be effective in treating headaches, migraines, treats mental issues like anxiety and also keeps you relaxed out of stress. Research shows that the scent from lavender helps you in lowering the heart rate and blood pressure and thus puts you in a relaxed state.

  3. Healing Effects of Lavender in Improving Blood Circulation:

    Blood circulation in the body is also improved with lavender oil. It lowers the elevated blood pressure level and also used for treating hypertension.

  4. Healing Effects of Lavender to Hair Health:

    Among other healing effects of lavender is its benefit to hair health. Lavender oil can help in treating several scalp conditions. It is known to remove head lice and also helps in eradicating dandruff from the scalp.

    Lavender oil is also known to treat a hair condition called Alopecia areata which is an auto immune disease causing hair to fall out; especially in patches. Studies have shown that people who massaged their scalp for about 7 months experienced an improvement in their hair growth as compared to those who massaged their hair without lavender.

  5. Benefits of Lavender in Relieving Respiratory Disorders:

    Various respiratory disorders are known to be treated with the help of lavender. Respiratory issues like flu, cold, throat infections, asthma, cough, whooping cough, bronchitis, sinus congestion, tonsillitis etc can be treated with lavender oil.

    One can apply the essential oil on neck, chest or back and also inhale it via steam inhalation via a vaporizer for best results.

  6. Healing Effects of Lavender on Digestion:

    Lavender oil also promotes effective digestion. It stimulates the mobility of your intestine and in turn stimulates the bile juice and gastric juice production; which may help in treating stomach pain, indigestion, vomiting and diarrhoea. Lavender also aids in treating bloating and poor digestion that are resulted from an overgrowth of “bad” bacteria in your gut. It is known to reduce the growth of these bad bacteria and help you treat bloating and poor digestion.

  7. Lavender Helps in Treating Insomnia:

    Lavender is also known to improve sleep and thus aids in treating or reducing insomnia. It is known that keeping lavender flower in the pillows helps in proper sleep by promoting relaxation and lifting mood of the user. Studies have revealed that massaging lavender oil results in improved sleep.

  8. Joint and Muscle Pain Relief Through Lavender Oil:

    Lavender is also known to relieve pain and thus can be used to ease sore and tense muscles, help in reducing joint pain and rheumatisum, sprains, lumbago and backache. All you need is just massage lavender oil over the affected area. It can also help you reduce pain due to needle insertion.

  9. Healing Effects of Lavender in Treating Fungal and Yeast Infection:

    Lavender is also known to have excellent healing benefits in treating fungal and yeast infection. Being an antiseptic and having an antibacterial, antifungal and anti-microbial properties in it; it is known to treat various infections like:

    • Lavender is used to treat infections of urinary tract, bladder and yeast infections.
    • It is also known to be an effective at-home treatment for athlete’s foot and various other fungal infections.
    • It treats fungus, microbial activity on gums.
  10. Other Healing Effects of Lavender:

    Below are some other healing effects of lavender.

    • Lavender oil is known to be used in a form of integrative medicine and used as acupuncture, massage as well as chiropractic manipulation.
    • Lavender oil can aid in keep away mosquitoes and moths. It is especially used as an ingredient in some mosquito repellents.


As by now, we know about some of the best healing effects of lavender. You can now make use of this wonderful essential oil whenever you find it appropriate for treating your ill health issues or disease conditions. However, make sure that there are some limitations which you need to keep in mind while using lavender or lavender oil. Keep it noted that you are not taking caffeine or alcohol 10 hours before sleep if you are using lavender to promote sleep. It must also be known that in some people, lavender may cause side effects like nausea, vomiting, chills etc. and some people the smell of lavender may make one feel drowsy.

Talk to an expert professional or your health care provider for the best advises on the use of lavender for best of healing from your conditions.

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