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Trendelenburg Gait or Hip Drop: Exercises to Overcome Dropped Hip

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If you are a running enthusiast or a regular performer of running races; then you perhaps might have met with a running injury or at least must have seen a hip drop, if not, perhaps you must know about this most common problem of a runner termed as Trendelenburg Gait or Hip Drop and how to overcome this serious problem of dropped hips. Well! This current blog will make you aware about Trendelenburg Gait or Hip drop, the resulting compensation and the related running injury along with the necessary steps to be followed by the victim so as to overcome the dropped hips and prevent further damaging situations like the running injury. So, why not take some time out reading this and get self pretty familiar about how to cope up with the hip injury of trendelenburg gait or the underlying deficiency that might keep you away from the race for long if not diagnosed early or not treated well.

What Is Trendelenburg Gait or Hip Drop?

Trendelenburg Gait or Hip drop is actually a deficiency or a hip muscle weakness seen mostly in the runners, which occurs when the entire body weight falls on one leg during the stance phase of running. As the one leg bears the entire body weight, the hip of that leg weakens with time and thus this causes the opposite hip to drop.[1]

However, in order to continue the running, the femur and pelvis tilt down or meet with an increased angle so as to compensate the hip drop. This compensation is related to muscle tightness and running injuries. Now as the hip drop, compensation, and the hip injury are interlinked to each other, it would be important to know about the various ways on how to overcome trendelenburg gait or hip drop and safeguard self from running injury.

Exercises to Overcome Trendelenburg Gait or Dropped Hip and Preventing Self From The Related Running injury!

Here is a list of exercises that are actually essential for every runner to strengthen the hip muscle and prevent Trendelenburg gait or hip drop:

Single Leg Squat Exercise For Trendelenburg Gait or Hip Drop: Stand on single leg on a box and start the squat motion sticking your butt out; causing the hip to hinge and the knee to bend. Bend the knees till you are maintaining a proper form.[3]

Single Leg Squat Exercise For Trendelenburg Gait or Hip Drop

Leg Lift Exercise For Trendelenburg Gait or Hip Drop: It is an added benefit for strengthening the hip muscle and prepare self for running when you go for a leg lift after the single leg squats. In this exercise for Trendelenburg gait or hip drop, you are simply to lift the nonweight bearing legs side wards and practice balance. Apart from gaining balance, you also get to strengthen the core muscles and prevent the problem of dropped hips.[1]

So the absolute core exercise for running that supports against hip drops includes leg squats followed by leg lift. Performing such a repetition for 10-15 times on each leg is pretty beneficial.

Apart from the core exercises for Trendelenburg Gait or Hip Drop, it is important to go for running drills, which include side skips and carioca or high knee drills. You can also go for single leg balance drills while doing your regular routine works like, stand on one leg and practice single leg balancing while brushing.

Leg Lift Exercise For Trendelenburg Gait or Hip Drop

Yoga Exercises for Overcoming Tredelenburg Gait or Hip Drop: Performing Tree Pose Yoga or Vrikshasana is a great exercise to strengthen the hips, improve body balance and prevent the problem of Trendelenburg gait or hip drop in runners.[4]

Yoga Exercises for Overcoming Tredelenburg Gait or Hip Drop

Now as the saying goes, “If there is a closed door, there is always a door built to open”. So now that you are aware of the various exercises that would help you overcome Tredelenburg Gait or Hip Drop; why not start strengthening your hip muscles today!

Watch Video of Exercises for Trendelenburg Gait or Hip Drop


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