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Treatment for Hamstring Tendon Rupture|Surgical|Non Surgical

Treatment for Hamstring Tendon Rupture

What is the First Line of Treatment for Hamstring Tendon Rupture?[1]

Use cold therapy or else RICE (Rest Ice Compression & Elevation) as earlier as possible after the hamstring tendon rupture. Apply Ice for 10 minutes every hour throughout the critical stage which is typically a day or 2 days depending on how terrible the rupture is. Do not use ice or else a gel-ice bag straight to the skin; however you can wrap it up in a wet towel.

Treatment for Hamstring Tendon Rupture

Following the first two or three days when the muscle has started to settle down alternate with cold and hot temperatures. Gel ice bags which are available to purchase are perfect for this intention as they can be warmed delicately in a microwave or in warm water, or frozen. Wear a temperature retainer or knee hold up to support the muscle and retain the body heat which will support the healing process.

Consult a sports injury expert who can recommend on treatment.

What Can a Sports Injury Specialist or a Physician Do?

Remedies could be taken by a sports injury professional or a physician for hamstring tendon rupture. A physician may recommend anti-inflammatory medicines like ibuprofen to make easier with the ache and irritation in the early phases. Anti-inflammatory medicine might not be as helpful in the later point and may even control healing of hamstring tendon rupture. Do not consume ibuprofen if you are suffering from asthma. More over sports massage might be advantageous in adjusting the damage tissue and calming the state of these muscles themselves.

For very serious tendon ruptures and comprehensive injuries the knee possibly will be kept in a cast or an orthopedic surgeon may do a surgery to mend the ruptured tendon. A complete healing program consists of stretch outs and strengthening workouts in order to restore the sportsperson to his full fitness.

Non-Surgical Treatment for Hamstring Tendon Rupture[2]

The objectives of any medications for hamstring tendon rupture whether it is surgical or nonsurgical is to assist the athlete or the injured person to comeback to all the activities they benefit from. Keep to your doctor’s medication plan will reinstate your capabilities sooner, and assist you prevent additional difficulties in the future.

The majority of hamstring tendon ruptures settle fabulously with nonsurgical medication.

RICE Therapy for Hamstring Tendon Rupture

The RICE practice is useful for most games/sports-related hamstring tendon ruptures. RICE means Rest, Ice, Compression, and Elevation:

  • Rest. Get a time off from the doings that grounds the damage. Your doctor may suggest you to use crutches to prevent putting burden on your leg.
  • Ice. Use cold bags for 20 minutes at a time, more than a few times a day. Do not apply ice straight on the skin.
  • Compression. Put on an elastic density bandage to avoid additional inflammation and blood loss.
  • Elevation. To lessen swelling, lie down and put the leg up higher than your heart level while relaxing.

Immobilization Using Casting for Hamstring Tendon Rupture

Immobilization using plaster casting can be helpful for hamstring tendon rupture. Your physician may suggest you to put on a knee plaster casting for a short time. This will hold your leg into a balanced arrangement to help it cure. Casting of the knee joint for a month to 45 days is recommended for proper healing and rest. Patient will be kept within an immobilizer or support and will walk with crutches to maintain burden off to the leg.

Medicines for Hamstring Tendon Rupture

Below mentioned medicine types will be prescribed by your doctor for hamstring tendon rupture:

  • NSAIDS (Non-Steroidal & anti-inflammatory drugs) will lessen ache and swelling.
  • Steroid injections can be prescribed to lessen irritation of the caught up tendon.

Physical Therapy (PT) for Hamstring Tendon Rupture[3]

Once the casting is removed, the physician will make a decision whether you are prepared for physical therapy (PT) for hamstring tendon rupture or not. Physical therapy treatment will give emphasis to steady weaning off from the immobilizing machine, rising weight bearing, refurbishment of knee span of movement and making the hamstring stronger. It is vital that the doctor and physical therapist converse throughout the initial phases and develop your recovery schedule based on the values of therapeutic.

  • The affected person will be developed to more realistic activities as standard knee range of movement and strength is restored.
  • In rigorous regular circumstances surgery to restore a worn out or damaged tendon may be specify.

When the preliminary ache and inflammation has settled, physical treatment (PT) can begin. Specific movements can refurbish range of movements and strength.

A treatment schedule concentrates first on elasticity. Mild stretches will pick up your range of movement. As healing make progress, strengthening work outs will steadily be attached to your schedule. Your physician will converse with you while it is secure to go back to sports practices.

  • MTT or Manual Therapeutic Technique. Tender care together with massage of soft tissues, joint mobilization and stretching of the patella and knee by a physical therapist to better joint mobility and ROM (Range Of Motion) of the knee. Make use of mobilization methods also helps to turn down the pain.
  • TE or Therapeutic Exercises. Together with strengthening exercises and stretching to get back ROM (Range Of Motion) and make stronger the muscles and hamstrings of the knee plus lower extremity.
  • NMR or Neuromuscular Reeducation. To re-establish steadiness, improve movement techniques, retrain the lower edge and mechanics (for instance, running, squatting, jumping and kneeling) of the caught-up lower extremity to decrease strain by the tendons in day by day activities. Strapping, Taping or bracing possibly will be designated to relax the tendon and encourage recovery.
  • Modalities together with the use of electrical stimulation, ultrasound, cold, laser, ice and others to reduce pain and irritation of the concerned tendon and bursa.

Surgical Treatment for Hamstring Tendon Rupture[4]

Surgery for hamstring tendon rupture is the last resort and is frequently implemented only for tendon avulsion injuries (where the tendon is completely torn off the associated bone). Tears from the proximal tendon avulsions (pelvis) exists more regular than tears from the distal tendon avulsions or shinbone. Surgical procedure may also be required to refurbish an entire tear within the hamstring muscle.

The surgical procedure for hamstring tendon rupture is done to restore a tendon avulsion. The surgeon must pluck the hamstring muscle and put it back in the proper location and discard away any damaged tissue. Then the muscle is refit to the bone with large staples or stitches. A comprehensive tear inside the muscle can be fixed back all together using stitches.

Rehabilitation after the Surgery for Hamstring Tendon Rupture[5]

After a surgical treatment for hamstring tendon rupture, you will have to keep weight out from your leg to care for the repair. Besides using crutches, you might need a support that holds your hamstring tendon at a comfortable arrangement. How time span you will require these things will rely on the intensity of damage you have.

Your physical treatment (PT) program will commence with light stretches to get better flexibility and series of movements. Strengthening workouts will be included to your plan gradually.

Treatment in support of hamstring tendon rupture reconnections normally obtains minimum 6 months, owing to the gravity of the damage. Your physician will inform you by when it is secure to go back to sports.

Reasonable consequences can be accomplished with both premature and delayed hamstring tendon maintenance in a volume of situations with surgical repair.

Other Treatments for Hamstring Tendon Rupture

Strapping and taping methods are frequently utilize in support of hamstring tendon rupture as they can assist calm and hold the area whilst lightening pressure. Some sports person finds it helpful to carry on with these techniques after revival to avoid a recurrence of the rupture.

When the damage has initiated settling and you are directed by a doctor or physical therapist, it is vital for the affected individual to completely follow the treatment program such as stretching exercises and strengthening which will hold the area robust and make it uncomplicated to go back to sports when the damage has entirely settled. These work outs should not be accepted if the patient sense pain in the muscle and the guidance of a physical therapist must every time be required in order to acquire a workout routine appropriate for the individual.

Treatment Summary for Hamstring Tendon Rupture

The following mentioned points are the summarized treatment for hamstring tendon rupture:

  • R.I.C.E. therapy application for hamstring tendon rupture.
  • Cold therapy application.
  • A heat retainer should be worn after a few days.
  • Patient should consult with a sports injury professional immediately.
  • Rehabilitation program should be undertaken with stretching, strengthening and sports massage techniques.
  • Anti-inflammatory medications such as ibuprofen help in swelling, pain and inflammation.
  • Plaster cast should be applied.
  • In severe cases, surgery is done for hamstring tendon rupture.


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