Causes, Symptoms of Bump on Shin Bone & its Natural Remedies

Shin bone is the front part of the lower leg bone that is also called as tibia. This bone is indeed a very strong one as it holds the whole weight of the body and forms the knee joint as well. If you are hit on the shin bone, a painful bump or a goose egg can appear. Bump on shin bone is truly painful because this bone has got very little amount of subcutaneous fat that can make the area more prone to damage. Know the causes, symptoms and natural treatment to manage bump on shin bone well. Bump on shin bone is the result of hematoma, which is primarily the blood that gets leaked as a result of an injury and gets accumulated under the skin.[1]

Causes of Bump on Shin Bone

Causes of Bump on Shin Bone

The commonest cause of bump on shin bone or goose egg on shin bone is a sudden blow or fall, causing a painful bruise. The causes of bump on shin bone also include varicose veins, while there are some of the age related factors as well.

Malnutrition is also a factor that may severely affect the skin and can make it truly sensitive. There are many blood disorder conditions, which can cause bruising and can appear like bump on the shin bone. Hemophilia, a blood disorder remains an important cause which can trigger the trouble in a severe way.[2]

The causes of bump on shin bone also include the use of anticoagulant medicines, which sometimes results in a bruise. Bump on shin bone or goose eggs on shin bone due to a blow or fall can be seen in anyone, and is also common in sportspersons, players and other people regularly getting involved in adventure sports, etc.

Symptoms of Bump on Shin Bone

The bump on shin bone can be very troublesome and severe pain may be felt after the injury. The blood vessels can get damaged which can trouble you in the long run. The color of the skin may become dark or bluish that can remain so for a long time. The commonest symptom of bump on shin bone is the appearance of a goose egg, which is often very painful.

At times, this area may become quite tender and you will not be even able to touch it. Severe pain is the most prominent symptom of bump on shin bone and may persist for a much longer time in some people.

Other symptoms of bump on shin bone can also include difficulty in walking or bearing weight on legs. The area around the injury may be swollen, inflamed and warm to touch. Swelling and the tender tissues can be present for a long time. Discoloration of the skin due to the bruise, may give it a bluish black appearance.[3]

Natural Remedies for Bump on Shin Bone

Treating bump on shin bone naturally involves various ways in which natural remedies can be used as an effective treatment.

  • Taking warm milk with turmeric in it can promote internal healing, which is the most popular natural remedy for injuries and bump on shin bone. Secondary problems can be prevented with the turmeric milk which may reduce the pain as well.
  • Preparing a wheat ball with turmeric in it and applying on the area of the bump on the shin bone or applying turmeric paste can do wonders to treat it naturally.
  • An important natural remedy for bump on shin bone or goose egg on shin bone is to apply ice packs on the affected area. It helps to control inflammation and the swelling and pain associated with it.
  • For some, particularly after the acute phase is gone or when the problem persists for a long time, warm compresses can also be used as an effective natural remedy for bump on shin bone. You can also go for the heating pads or moist compresses.

As a natural remedy for bump on shin bone or to prevent one from occurring, it is best to apply ice after being hit or injured on the shin bone. Hot fomentation also works wonders and soaking the leg in warm water and adding salts or essential oils can help in relieving the pain and inflammation. Use of essential oils has been an effective natural remedy for injuries, bruises, inflammation or pain and can be used as a natural treatment for bump on shin bone as well.

Bump on shine bone can be managed well with natural remedies, particularly when it occurs due to an injury or a jerk. If it does not heal in some time or if it is caused by other factors, it is advisable to seek medical opinion and take the necessary steps. Knowing the causes and symptoms of bump on shinbone can help you understand the condition and manage it appropriately.