Upper Back & Neck Injuries

Injuries to the upper back and neck result in upper back and neck pain. The pain can be acute in nature or chronic which is due to bad posture and other causes. Given below is a brief overview on some common upper back & neck injuries such as Costovertebral Joint Sprain, Kyphosis, Pulled Neck Muscles (Neck Strain) and Whiplash. To know more about them in detail, along with other injuries, please visit the complete section of UPPER BACK & NECK INJURIES listed on the left side menu, which gives you vast information about the causes, symptoms and treatment with rehab exercises in great detail.

Costovertebral Joint Sprain:

 Costovertebral Joint Sprain

Damage or injury to the costovertebral joints results in their sprain. The causes include sudden movement of the spine, lifting heavy load using improper techniques, muscle tightness or weakness etc. Symptoms experienced are: Pain upon sneezing or coughing, pain upon movement of the spine and tenderness to palpation. Treatment followed is cold therapy, braces, massage and physical therapy. To know in detail about PT exercises, please refer to the topic "Costovertebral Joint Sprain," under the "UPPER BACK & NECK INJURIES" section.



Increased curvature of the thoracic spine results in this upper back postural deformity known as Kyphosis. Causes include: Shortening and tightening of the neck and back muscles, imbalanced muscles of the neck and back etc. Symptoms include: Pain upon sitting or standing for extended periods of time, burning sensation and pain in the neck and upper back and pain decreases after some movement.

Kyphosis is classified into:

  • Nutritional Kyphosis.
  • Scheuermann's Kyphosis.
  • Gibbus Deformity.
  • Postural Kyphosis.
  • Post-traumatic Kyphosis.
  • Congenital Kyphosis.

To read more about "Classification of Kyphosis" refer to the topic "kyphosis" under our UPPER BACK & NECK INJURIES" section on the left side menu.

Treatment includes: Stretching, massage therapy and physical therapy. To read more about "Treatment for Kyphosis" and taping techniques, refer to the topic "kyphosis" under our UPPER BACK & NECK INJURIES," section on the left side menu.

Pulled Neck Muscles:

Pulled Neck Muscles

Also known as neck strain, is a condition which occurs when there is an injury to the muscles and tendons supporting and helping with the movement of the head and neck. Causes include injuries such as occurring in car accidents, adopting incorrect posture etc. Symptoms experienced are: Pain, inability to work, neck stiffness, difficulty in swallowing and chewing. To read more about Serious Symptoms of Neck Strain refer to the topic "Pulled Neck Muscles" under our "UPPER BACK & NECK INJURIES," section on the left side menu. Treatment includes: Rest, using cervical collar, NSAIDs, warm compresses and physical therapy comprising of cervical traction.



This is an injury to the neck occurring due to sudden neck distortion or when there is an abrupt upward and downward movement of the neck leading to hyperextension of the neck resulting in whiplash injury. This injury commonly occurs when sportsmen fall directly on the ground with their head downwards and is also often seen in motor vehicle accidents. Symptoms include dizziness, restricted cervical spine movement, decreased range of motion, neck pain and stiffness, headache and blurry vision. To read more about serious symptoms of whiplash, refer to the topic "Whiplash" under our "UPPER BACK & NECK INJURIES," section on the left side menu. Treatment includes: NSAIDs, ice application, deep tissue massage and manipulation along with strengthening and stretching exercises.

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