Why is My One Hand Cold and One Hand Warm?

Many people experience a somewhat weird problem of one hand getting colder than the other, or one hand significantly cold and the other significantly warm, when compared together. Though this is not actually an illness or something that can come in your way of doing your daily tasks, it is actually quite annoying.

Why is My One Hand Cold and One Hand Warm?

Why is my One Hand Cold and One Hand Warm?

Here are some possible reasons as to why your one hand is cold and one hand is warm:

Local Temperature Drop or Rise:

The body experiences temperature rise and drop for a number of reasons. This can occur due to inflammation in or the other body parts or it may also be caused by poor blood circulation. Whatever the reason may be, when the body temperature rises locally or in one side of the body, one of your hands may feel warm, while the other hand will feel cold.

Blood Circulation Issues Can Cause One Hand to Be Cold and One Hand to be Warm:

Often, if you have poor blood circulation, you may experience a sudden drop in temperature in the area that is not receiving a regular blood flow. You can identify this by pressing the top of one of your fingers and stopping the blood from reaching the fingertip and you will suddenly feel the temperature dropping down only in that particular fingertip. This can be the same reason why one of your hands may feel significantly colder than the other. Make sure that there is proper blood circulation, if you are experiencing this temperature difference in your hands.

Lack of Movement Can Also Cause One Hand to be Cold and the Other Hand to be Warm:

This is associated with the point of blood circulation. When you do not move for a significant amount of time and stay still for long, there is a lack of blood circulation in parts of your body. If it is your upper body or the torso, including one of your hands, there are chances that one hand will feel colder and the other will feel warmer. So, make sure that you move yourself once in a while. Take a walk, stand up or just move your arms and limbs while standing in the same position to regularize blood circulation.

Raynaud’s Phenomenon as an Important Reason for One Hand to be Cold and One Hand to be Warm:

Another possible cause behind this condition in which one hand becomes cold and the other remains warm is Raynaud’s phenomenon. When there is a blockage in one of your arteries that go to your hand, the blood flow is restricted and this may cause the drop in temperature. This condition is called the Raynaud’s phenomenon. However, this is not a very common condition or possibility and only a doctor will be able to tell if it is the case. It is not right to come to a conclusion about this, without diagnosing the case and condition thoroughly.


One hand being cold and the other being warm is not a problem as such in most cases. However, if you have this problem all the time or very frequently, it is a good idea that you see a doctor. The doctor would be able to diagnose you thoroughly and tell if there is an underlying problem behind this.

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Pramod Kerkar, M.D., FFARCSI, DA
Pramod Kerkar, M.D., FFARCSI, DA
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