Excessive Urination In Women and It’s Treatment

Excessive Urination in Women: An Overview

Urination is the way of getting rid of excess water as well as wastes from the body naturally. While it is a vital function for survival, urinating too frequently can affect the quality of woman’s life.

Polyuria is high urine production or excessive urination or passage of urine greater than 2.5 L per day in adults. It can also be referred to as the frequent urge to pee and inability to control the urge to urinate. The patient can be considered as suffering from polyuria if the urge to urinate is frequent within a time period of two hours or less. Both men and women have the chances of suffering from polyuria or frequent urination.

Excessive urination in woman can be due to consumption of high amounts of fluids that are known to increase urine production or irritate the bladder. Examples include tea, excess caffeine intake through coffee, and certain soft drinks.

Frequent urge for urination can be caused by different medical conditions, including excessive caffeine intake, diabetes, bladder stones, weak organs of pelvic floor, overactive bladder, low estrogen levels, and UTIs etc.

Treatment for Excessive Urination in Women

  1. Medications to Treat Frequent Urination in Women
  2. Acupuncture
  3. Pelvic Therapy for Treating Excessive Urination in Women
  4. Pessaries
  5. Bladder Laparoscopy for Treating Excessive Urination in Women
  6. Emotion and Stress Management.