Tips to Cope With Backache While Sitting, Standing, Driving, Sleeping

Tips To Cope With Low Back Pain While Sitting


  • Sit only for short periods and take breaks on an as needed basis to stand or walk for a couple of minutes. It will be a refreshing break for your back.
  • Maintain a comfortable posture while sitting, avoid hunching.
  • Place a supportive cushion or rolled towel behind your back while sitting or driving


  • A low soft and good looking couch or sofa can be enticing to sit but if you are having low back pain, you need to avoid using such couch as it can do more harm than good especially while trying to stand from seated position.
  • It does look more comfortable to sit with legs outstretched straight upfront, but for people suffering from low back pain they are better off avoiding sitting with legs straight

Tips To Cope With Low Back Pain While Standing


  • If your job requires you to stand long hours and you do not have an option but to stand then find some foot rest or a small stool on which you can rest one leg and keep alternating your foot on it. This can help take some stress of your back while standing long hours.
  • Also do stretch yourself a bit after continuous standing by doing back bends.


  • One needs to maintain a good steady posture not only while sitting but also while standing or walking. Better to avoid having forward half bent positions while standing too long.

Tips To Cope With Low Back Pain While Driving A Car

  • If you have to drive long distance then keep changing the seating position once every couple of hours. Keeping moving your seat near or away from steering wheel as long as you are able to drive comfortably and safely.
  • Use a cushion or a rolled over towel behind the beltline on and off during long distance driving.
  • It is important to take a break once every couple of hours while driving long distance and stretch your body a bit.
  • Avoid driving long distances if you are having back pain or discomfort in the back. You will be better off being a passenger than being a driver yourself, let someone else take over the wheels.

Tips To Cope With Low Back Pain While Sleeping

  • Choosing the right mattress is very important to have a pain free back. Extremely soft mattress which does not provide proper contour to your back can do more damage than good.
  • Many may find it beneficial to lie down on the carpet on the floor rather than sleeping on a soft mattress.
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