Treating Back Pain At Home With Simple Home Remedies

Causes Of Back Pain

  • Doing Strenuous Physical Work.
  • Doing Rigorous Exercise In An Improper Way.
  • Pregnancy.
  • Aging.
  • Overweight/Obesity
  • Spinal Problems Such As Disc Herniation.

Simple Home Remedies For Treating Back Pain

The First And Foremost Thing To Do For Back Pain Is Rest. It Doesn’t Mean That You Should Take Days And Days Of Bed Rest, But You Should Rest Your Back For Some Time, Especially After An Injury, For A Couple Of Days.

Ice Pack:

  • Ice Application Helps In Reducing Inflammation, Swelling And Gives You Relief From Pain.
  • Keep The Ice Pack Where You Feel Pain.
  • When Initially Applied, The Patient May Feel More Pain, But It Relieves The Pain On A Deeper Level.
  • If You Don’t Have An Ice Pack, Then Frozen Vegetables Etc. From Your Refrigerator Can Be Used Instead.

Chamomile Tea

  • Chamomile Tea Is Beneficial In Soothing The Stiff Or Tense Muscle Tissue Resulting From Stress.
  • Chamomile Tea Can Be Prepared By Steeping 1 Tablespoon Of Chamomile Flowers In 1 Cup Of Boiling Water For At Least 15 Minutes.
  • Drinking 2 To 3 Cups A Day Is Sufficient.

Caution: Some People Are Allergic To Chamomile, So Consult Your Doctor Before Drinking It.

Epsom Salts

  • Rubbing Or Massaging Epsom Salts On Your Back Helps In Reducing Swelling And Pain.
  • Alternatively, You Can Add Two Cups Of Epsom Salts In Your Bathtub And Soak For 20 To 30 Minutes For Relief From Pain And Stiffness In The Back.


  • Ginger Root Is Also Helpful For Relieving Back Pain, As It Contains Natural Anti-Inflammatory And Analgesic Ingredients.
  • Chop Some Pieces Of Fresh Ginger Into 1 To 2 Inch Pieces And Add It To 1 Quart Of Boiling Water.
  • Cover It And Simmer For 30 Minutes On A Low Heat.
  • After It Has Sufficiently Cooled Down, Strain This Concoction, Add Honey For Taste And Drink It To Find Relief From Back Pain.


  • Drink Plenty Of Milk For Back Pain, Especially Women To Increase Their Calcium Intake.
  • Older Women Who Are In Menopausal Range Should Increase Their Intake Of Milk, As They Have A High Risk For Developing Osteoporosis.
Team PainAssist
Team PainAssist
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Last Modified On:September 11, 2019

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