Ankle Joint Therapeutic Arthroscopy: Arthroscopic Surgery, Examination, Treatment


  • Arthroscope is a tubular camera
  • Physician sees through eye piece the distal image of the joint
  • Same image is displayed on television screen
  • Image is of high quality

Therapeutic Arthroscopy

  • Procedure is performed to eliminate cause of ankle joint pain
  • Remove loose tissue or fragments of cartilages and ligaments
  • Treat fracture of medial malleolus
  • Repair Tendon Tear
  • Repair Ligament Tear

Arthroscopic Surgery

  • Local anesthesia is injected in skin and subcutaneous tissue.
  • Numbness is checked prior to insertion of arthroscope.
  • Marking pen is used to mark the skin where the arthroscope and cannula will be inserted
  • Arthroscope and cannula inserted on either side of ankle joint
  • If necessary X-Ray machine or image intensifier is used to check the joint and insertion of the instruments.
  • Image intensifier is used during procedure to check the position of the arthroscope.

Arthroscopic Examination

  • Arthroscope is placed within tibiofibular joint or tibiotalar joint
  • Scope is used to identify anatomy of tendon, cartilages and ligaments

Arthroscopic Treatment

  • Arthroscope is used to observed the joint and joint abnormalities
  • Cannula is used to irrigate joint, inject medications and pass equipments
  • Loose fragments are removed.
  • Damage cartilage is removed.
  • Repair of torn Ligament.
  • Repair of tendon.
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