Shoulder Joint Arthroscopy (Therapeutic)

Shoulder Joint Therapeutic Arthroscopy-

Most Of The Therapeutic Arthroscopy Includes Following Surgeries:

  1. Rotator Cuff Repair
  2. Bone Spur Removal
  3. Repair Of Ligaments
  4. Removal Of Inflamed Tissue Or Loose Cartilage

1. Rotator Cuff Repair-

  • Rotator cuff tear is identified.
  • Rotator cuff is pulled over top of humerus bone.
  • Rotator cuff anchored to humerus by small screw and sutures.

2. Bone Spur Removal-

  • Bone spur is identified.
  • Motorized bone drill passed into bone spur while observing through arthroscope.
  • Bone spur is separated from parent bone or drilled until spur is separated.
  • Floating bone pieces are removed by irrigation of the joint.

3. Repair Of Ligaments-

  • Shoulder joint is linked together by several ligaments. Ligaments are anchored to bones of shoulder joint. Tear of ligament is repaired under arthroscopy.

4. Removal Of Inflamed Tissue Or Loose Cartilage-

  • Loose cartilages are observed under arthroscope.
  • Cartilages are removed while joint is observed through arthroscope.