Placement of Spinal Cord Stimulator

This 3d video demonstrates how Placement of Spinal Cord Stimulator is done

Placement of Spinal Cord Stimulator Procedure:

  • Patient is brought in operating room.
  • Patient is mad to lie face down on operating bed with pillow under abdomen.
  • Skin over lumbar vertebrae L1 to L5 is prepped with betadine.
  • Prepped skin is covered with sterile drape.
  • Skin and subcutaneous tissue is anesthetized using 1% lidocaine. Total volume used is 1 to 5 cc. Medication is injected through 25 gauge needle.
  • Epidural Needle is inserted in the epidural space using X-ray guidance.
  • Dye is injected in epidural space to identify the space.
  • Percutanous epidural spinal cord stimulator is passed through needle into epidural space.
  • Percutanous Spinal Cord stimulator is threaded to level T5.
  • Spinal cord is stimulated to achieve optimum paresthesia and tingling in lower leg.
  • Tip of the Spinal cord stimulator is kept between T5 to T8 level.
  • Distal (lower) end of Spinal cord stimulator is connected to proximal (front) end of intermediate connector.
  • Connector is tunneled under the skin from lower back to right or left gluteal skin. Distal end of connector is then connected to Generator.
  • Skin incision is made to place Generator under the skin over the gluteal area.
  • Percutaneous spinal cord stimulator is placed in epidural space through epidural needle.
  • Paddle spinal cord stimulator is placed following surgery to expose lamina and epidural space.
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