How Can Yoga Benefit Golfers?

When playing golf, each and every detail is of importance. Having even a little bit of advantage makes the difference between a good day on the course and not so good one. Golfers generally want to eliminate pain as long as possible so that they play for many years. Yoga gives this much needed advantage by increasing flexibility, range of motion of joints, and enhancing concentration.

There are many golfers who complain of low back pain due to repetitive spinal rotation due to swinging golf club when playing. Increasing flexibility of spine goes a long way in preventing injuries. One of the main benefits of yoga is that it increases core muscle strength and stronger trunk muscles means greater spinal support and reduced strain on low back.

Given below are the best poses in yoga which can help golfers be injury-free and improve their mental concentration.

3 Best Yoga Poses for Golfers

Yoga For Golfers: 3 Best Yoga Exercises That Can Benefit Golfers

Yoga For Golfers-Pose #1: Revolved Crescent Lunge or Parivrtta Anjaney-Asana

How Does Revolved Crescent Lunge or Parivrtta Anjaney-Asana Help Golfers?

This yoga pose for golfers helps in rotation of spine and helps with intense hip flexor stretching on straight leg along with stretching of outer hip on bent leg, which increases back flexibility and is helpful for a stronger back necessary for golfers.

How To Do Revolved Crescent Lunge Or Parivrtta Anjaney-Asana?

Yoga Revolved Crescent Lunge or Parivrtta Anjaney-Asana for Golfers

To do this pose, stand in Mountain Pose with feet together. Lunge the right foot forward making sure that right knee is exactly over right ankle so that the right shin becomes perpendicular to ground. Balancing on ball of left foot, press the left leg straight. Draw hands together at your heart, twist from waist, and hook the left triceps on outside of your right thigh, rotating to gaze upward over the right shoulder. One should make sure to keep the spine long and chest lifted off of thigh. The palms should be pressed together. Hold this pose for about half a minute and then do it on the opposite side.

Yoga For Golfers-Pose #2: Half Lord of The Fishes Pose or Ardha Matsyendrasana for Chest and Hips

How Can Doing Half Lord Of The Fishes Yoga Pose or Ardha Matsyendrasana Benefit Golfers?

This yoga pose is excellent in maintaining balance between left and right side of body as well as opening up chest and torso and opening tight hips required by golfers.

How to do Half Lord of the Fishes Pose or Ardha Matsyendrasana?

How to do Half Lord of the Fishes Pose or Ardha Matsyendrasana?

Sit straight with both legs extended in front. Ensure that you are sitting evenly on the sitting bones. If the hips are extremely tight, then sit on folded blanket till the time you can sit with straight spine. Bend the left knee in and place the foot on the ground on outside of the right thigh. Place the left hand on ground behind the sitting bones as close to back as possible. Inhale and reach your right arm straight. Exhale and twist to left, rotating from waist. Place your elbow on outside of left quadriceps and gaze outwards over the left shoulder. Hold this position for about a minute and then do the same thing on the opposite side.

Yoga For Golfers-Pose #3: Yoga Bird Dog or Kneeling Balance Pose To Improve Body Coordination in Golfers

How Can Doing Bird Dog or Kneeling Balance Pose Benefit Golfers?

This pose is best for improving core muscle strength, balance, and improves coordination which is extremely essential for golfers in order to give better performance.

How To Do Bird Dog Or Kneeling Balance?

Yoga Bird Dog or Kneeling Balance Pose for Coordination in Golfers

To do this pose, get down on hands and knees. Your hands need to be exactly beneath the shoulders. Try and spread the fingers pressing into thumb and index finger in order to avoid putting pressure on wrists. The knees should be positioned exactly beneath the hips. Draw the navel into spine and keep the back flat. Extend the left arm straight in front while simultaneously extending the right leg behind. Hold this position for two breaths and then return back. Then do the same thing for the opposite side. Do this for about 10 times each side.

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