Some Quick Yoga Poses to Stave-Off Stress & Anger

Some Quick Yoga Poses to Stave-Off Stress & Anger

Yoga brings quick benefits when practiced regularly over time. You can reduce stress and anger effectively with the help of the following yogic poses, which need to be a part of your daily routine. Before you start your yoga Asanas, never forget to warm up your body; otherwise, bone injuries are bound to occur.

Being an ancient form of practice, yoga has the ability to calm your mind and body and you will experience better recovery no matter from which ailment you are suffering from. Multiple yoga poses are there, but this guide talks about some effective ways through which your anger and stress can be controlled.

Check out the following poses which help you to reduce your anger and stress significantly:

Shavasana (Corpse Pose) to Reduce Stress & Anger: This is a deeply relaxing yogic position in which you need to lie on your back with your arms and legs relaxed and away from any distraction and keep taking deep breaths. This is an easier form of yoga exercise, which you can perform even when you feel physically weak. Duration of shavasana can span up to 20 minutes or longer till the time you feel completely relaxed and free from any mental stress.

Meditation to Reduce Stress & Anger: Concentrating on a single object or a mantra in your mind with awareness and keeping distracting thoughts at bay while breathing deeply is termed as meditation. There are guided meditation techniques available on internet and CDs, which can be purchased locally. You can also seek yoga instructors who can guide you through meditation techniques to curb stress and anger. It is recommended to practice meditation over time so that stress can be handled effectively and meditation needs to be a regular part of your daily routine. Medication should be practiced for 20 minutes every day and you will definitely feel a difference in your anger and stress levels.

Ujjayi Breath to Reduce Stress & Anger: It is a form of breathing which a newborn baby takes and is very relaxing and keeps stress and anger less. Most of the pranayama are practiced with ujjayi breath, which relax your mind and body. If you regularly practice pranayama, you will be safe from respiratory tract infections. Ujjayi breath energizes your lungs by filling it with oxygen and also improves blood circulation significantly all which helps in reducing stress and anger.

Deep Breathing to Reduce Stress & Anger: Deep breathing is an intrinsic part of yoga and is extremely beneficial in controlling stress and anger. When you are taking deep breaths, your body relaxes and your mind calms down. Deep breathing should be practiced over time and the benefits are exhibited in terms of decreased heart rate, which improves your internal health. Regular practice of deep breathing can calm your body miraculously and makes your heart stronger. When you have lower resting heart rate, there are lesser risks of heart diseases.

Mudra Pranayam to Reduce Stress & Anger: There are many types of mudra pranayam, which include: chin mudra, chinmayi mudra, merudand mudra. These yoga poses are practiced with ujjayi breath, which provide you ample amount of energy in a short span of time. Mudra pranayams are meant to channelize your energies and bring more peace to your mind, which becomes bogged down with stress and anger. If you practice these yoga mudras regularly, your temperament including stress and anger can be well under control.

Bhastrika or Bellows Breath to Reduce Stress & Anger: Increase in the cortisol level in the body increases stress and you feel very low. When you energize your body, cortisol decreases and you feel elated. Bhastrika is done with force and this leads to cutting down the level of cortisol and makes you fit with time. But like all other yoga poses, bhastrika needs to be practiced regularly for reducing stress and anger and other benefits which you want.

Butterfly Pose to Reduce Stress & Anger: This yoga pose keeps your spine in an upright position and increases blood flow to your brain. When proper blood flow is ensured in the body, you will feel less stressed and least affected by circumstances. However, keep in mind that while bending forward, you need to take around 5 ujjayi breaths to have twin benefits of having good blood flow to brain which keeps you relaxed and reduces your stress and anger.

Ardha Sarvangasana to Reduce Stress & Anger: The benefit of this yoga asana is that you can have a great spine and flexible body along with good blood flow to your brain, which in turn helps in reducing stress and anger. Stress is the major silent killer today and most of the people having low prana level are affected by stress and anger. This yoga pose keeps your digestion healthy and makes you gain strength with time. You will become more aware of your body, which has major benefits in the long run.

Surya Namaskar to Reduce Stress & Anger: Besides cutting down your extra fat, Surya Namaskar is a yoga pose, which keeps you very healthy and makes your brain sharper. Consisting of 12 poses, each pose has some specific benefit and in totality, enhances your thinking capacity as well. Therefore, surya namaskar should be a part of your daily routine and must be practiced regularly in order to avail the benefits of yoga on a full scale.

Yoga Nidra to Reduce Stress & Anger: When you are deeply stressed, yoga nidra works wonders to relax you. Just lie down in a quiet place and practice deep breathing. For about 20 seconds try to focus on each body part from head to toe. This technique has a very soothing effect on your mind, as it keeps you distracted from stressful situations and you can experience peace in a short span of time.


Yoga has been gaining momentum worldwide and it has the least side effects on people who are physically not that well built and cannot try gym or high-energy intensive exercises. Practicing yoga on a regular basis keeps you fit and makes you high in physical capacity and stamina as well. You can try yoga early in the morning or during evening but it is recommended that your day should start with yoga. When you are in regular touch with yoga, chances of replenishing your body with energy are better and you can make your body really flexible. The more relaxed your mind is, the less is going to be the effects of stress and anger.

Pramod Kerkar, M.D., FFARCSI, DA
Pramod Kerkar, M.D., FFARCSI, DA
Written, Edited or Reviewed By: Pramod Kerkar, M.D., FFARCSI, DA Pain Assist Inc. This article does not provide medical advice. See disclaimer
Last Modified On:September 18, 2017

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