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What is An Aortic Aneurysm Surgery?

Large abdominal aneurysms have a high rate of rupturing when compared with that of the one that is small. Doctors categorize the condition based on the size of an aneurysm. If an aneurysm measures below 5 centimeters, then the chances of rupturing are very low and curing it becomes feasible. The method of repairing the condition is only possible through surgery.

Factors Considered By Doctor For An Aortic Aneurysm Surgery

The following factors will help a doctor to review operation as the choice to treat an aneurysm:

  • Whether an aneurysm requires immediate attention
  • Whether the patient is capable of withstanding the surgery without any side effects
  • The location, size, and shape of an aneurysm.

Before heading for the operation, the doctor discusses with the patient about the benefits as well as the risks associated with the same. If a patient is prone to develop severe risk factors after operating, then the doctor will choose a different procedure or less invasive method to repair.

Upon discovering the presence of an aneurysm, it is necessary to attend to it immediately and not wait until there is a rupture. People die because of a ruptured aneurysm because of the jeopardy involved. The reason why even the operation is dangerous is the excessive loss of the blood.

What is An Aortic Aneurysm Surgery?

What is An Aortic Aneurysm Surgery?

Although the chances for the appearance of an aneurysm can occur at any part of the body, the brain and abdominal regions are the universal places. Many doctors opt for aortic aneurysm surgery for men who are experiencing rapid growth of an aneurysm along with symptoms. Surgeons choose for operation even when the size is small for women.

The condition, location, size, and shape alone do not constitute the operation. Other factors help the doctor to decide whether to proceed ahead with the operation or choose an alternative method. These consist of the age of the patient, overall health condition, medical history of the family, blood pressure, and smoking habits.

Surgical Repair Options

Repairing an aortic aneurysm through surgery involves either an open repair surgery or endovascular repair surgery. Selecting between the two is also a choice and depends on the condition of the patient. The doctor will speak in-depth about the operation, the method involved, risks, the post-operation instructions, and after-effects.

Open Repair Aortic Aneurysm Surgery – The surgeon opens the abdomen and works on the affected region of the aorta. It involves replacement of the bulging section with a graft. Besides, the doctor uses a metal clamp to seal the flow of the blood to an aneurysm. Depending on the requirement, the doctor chooses to leave an aneurysm wall or remove the same. After completion, the surgeon removes the metal clip to allow the blood flow through the aorta.

Endovascular Repair Aortic Aneurysm Surgery – It is a new technique where the surgeon proceeds by making an incision in the groin region. Catheter tubes enter the incision through which the surgeon injects dye to look at the affected part on the X-ray pictures. With the help of the images, the surgeon moves a stent to the position of an aneurysm. He then expands the same, attaches it to the blood vessel, and removes the catheters along with the wires. The procedure allows blood flow without exerting any pressure on an aneurysm.


Expectations after aortic aneurysm surgery change according to the surgery itself and the condition of the patient. For the open repair surgery, patients remain in the hospital for a few weeks, as it helps the doctor to check for any leakage. For the second repairing operation, it only requires a day or two, depending on the improvement.


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