What is Tortuous Colon, Know its Causes, Symptoms, Treatment, Home Remedies, Surgery

What is Tortuous Colon?

Tortuous colon is a health condition that results from large intestines becoming longer than the normal ones. Too much bending and twisting of the colon makes it difficult for the intestinal passage and the fecal material are not easily excreted. Tortuous colon causes constipation problems which make a person to have discomforts in the abdominal part; the condition is known as redundant colon.

According to the research done by medical experts the health condition of tortuous colon is not very serious unless it results to the following complications in the abdomen which includes, ache, spasm, severe constipation, pain and inflammation.

What is Tortuous Colon?

Causes of Tortuous Colon

This condition of tortuous colon is brought about by various causes, the causes vary from person to person but still there are the most common causes which includes:

  • Congenital Abnormalities: Some infants are born with twisted and longer colon which a result to the health problem of tortuous colon.
  • Insufficiency of Dietary Fibers: Dietary fibers are very important in the digestion system and also making it easier for excretion of fecal material, lack of enough fiber can cause hard stool formation which makes a person to constipate, generate pressure in the intestine and rectal wall and poor passage of food substance in the colon.
  • Diseases: Chronic irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), this is a type disease that causes tortuous colon.

Symptoms of Tortuous Colon

The condition of tortuous colon has several symptoms which are categorized into two wide sections which includes:

GI Tract Related Symptoms of Tortuous Colon

GI tract symptom goes along with tortuous colon condition. The symptoms are similar with irritable bowel syndrome which include; abdominal cramp, flatulence. Discomforts in the abdomen, irregular motion and severe constipation which is caused by blockage of intestines, nausea, blood secretion and pain during defecation.

Other Organ Related Symptoms of Tortuous Colon

Other victims show the symptoms through pimples and skin acne and it can also end up with skin rashes found mostly on the face which mostly lowers a person’s self-esteem. These symptoms are caused by irregular bowel movement which is caused by accumulation of toxic substances in the blood system causing impurity in the blood.

How is Tortuous Colon Treated?

Tortuous colon problem can either be treated with home remedies or through prescribed medication since it is not a very serious health problem. In case both treatments do not work a person is recommended to undergo a surgery procedure though it is a rare case.

Medications for Tortuous Colon

It is advisable for a person to seek medical attention for tortuous colon incase home remedies does not work. Synthetic medication is helpful to reduce the symptoms of tortuous colon; they are easily accessible in pharmacies. Most doctors recommend stool softener, in case there is no change, the doctor increases the pressure in the intestinal wall or stimulate laxatives.

The following are over the counter (OTC) laxative synthetic products, milk of magnesia, Colace, Citrucel and Metamucil.

There are other medications which are supposed to be prescribed by physicians for treating tortuous colon;

  • Amitiza (lubiprostone): which are used in softening the waste material and treat tortuous colon.
  • Linzess (linaclotide): it helps in intestinal movement.
  • Lactulose: it also helps in softening and loosens the stool.
  • Miralax, glycolax: osmotic laxative.

Home Remedies for Tortuous Colon

The following are remedies to be used at home in case of any complications of tortuous colon:

  • One of the best home remedies for tortuous colon is drinking enough clean water and fluid which helps in digestion and passage of food substance in the colon.
  • Consumption of food rich in fiber helps in softening of stool making it easy in excretion of the waste material.
  • Regular drinking of lemon juice with honey may help our body in many ways; it should be done on an empty stomach since it helps in clearing of bowel.
  • Castor oil is also a useful home remedy for tortuous colon as it reduces difficulties during the passage of food materials in the intestine and also improves the bowel movements in tortuous colon.
  • Ispaghula husk is an effective home remedy as it forms laxative that helps to clear bowel.

Surgery for Tortuous Colon

If both home remedies and medication does not help, a person is recommended to undergo surgery for tortuous colon with proper medical care. The process is known as colectomy and it helps to remove the large intestines. This type of surgery for tortuous colon is a very rare case. Most people face this type of health problem not knowing it is easily treatable and also it is not a serious issue.

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