How To Prevent Lupus Nephritis?

How To Prevent Lupus Nephritis?

Patients suffering from lupus nephritis disease often becomes the patient of flares in the upcoming phases of the disease. Even though you may not avoid nephritis, you may prevent the situation of flares provided by you follow a few common lifestyle changes, as we have discussed in this article. Especially, you have to intake a healthy diet, opt for regular physical exercise, strictly avoid any type of stress and stay out from the direct heat and light of the sun.

How To Prevent Lupus Nephritis?

Unpredictability-A Major Problem in Lupus Flares Patients

One of the biggest things about living with the problem of systemic lupus is to cope up with unpredictability. Accordingly, if you suffer from lupus nephritis, you may undergo different periods when you find your disease in quiet state, while in other cases; it becomes active and makes your symptoms further worse. Doctors refer the periods of your worse feelings as lupus flares in lupus nephritis. Even you and your doctor may not predict a flare; you may take steps to avoid triggering of your flares with some of the major lifestyle habits. These include-

Schedule Your Appointment with The Doctor Regularly

You should make sure about regular scheduling your appointment with your doctor and let him/her in case your lupus nephritis symptoms start becoming worse. This is the first step to maintain your good health in case you suffer from lupus nephritis.

Intake of Prescribed Medications Properly

You should never stop or start any lupus nephritis medication without checking/consulting about it from your doctor. Most of the medications, including over-the-counter type of drugs are responsible to trigger lupus flares in lupus nephritis. A few of the antibiotic medicines even increase sensitivity towards the sun and thereby, the risk related to causing a flare. Hence, to stay safe, just discuss with your doctor before you should take any new medicine. Even you should follow the same step prior to taking any herbal pill or supplement.

Have Proper Rest

You should make sure managing your daily schedule in such a way you may easily avoid becoming overworked or overtired.

Avoid or Manage Your Stress

Even though stress in some cases in unavoidable and especially a chronic type of stress is harmful for every one of us. However, if you are a lupus nephritis patient, you should strictly avoid putting yourself in any type of stressful situation as much as possible. For this, you have to learn a few techniques helpful for you in managing your stress easily. One of the best things you can do is meditation, as it helps a lot in reducing stress and thereby, risks related to lupus flare.

Avoid Physical Stress

Regular exercise is an effective way to stay fit, healthy and strong. However, if you have to undergo with any procedure requiring recuperation time, you should make sure scheduling it when your lupus nephritis remains in passive state. Moreover, you should avoid getting pregnant until and unless you get confirmation from your doctor about it.

Avoid Sunlight as Much as Possible

One of the major precautions to prevent lupus nephritis complications or causing flares is to avoid your exposure to sunlight as much as possible. However, if you have to expose yourself in the sun, make sure applying a sunscreen cream or lotion with high SPF like for instance SPF 70 or even higher. In addition, you should wear protective clothes, as it protects you from both UVB and UVA rays. Furthermore, you should stay aware of the fact that fluorescent and halogen lights often emit ultraviolet lights, because of which you have to avoid prolonged exposure to such lights.


To conclude, we should say that lupus flares in lupus nephritis is avoidable for patients. However, it is the prime responsibility to follow the aforementioned precautions to lead a healthy life.

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Pramod Kerkar, M.D., FFARCSI, DA
Pramod Kerkar, M.D., FFARCSI, DA
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