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Lifestyle Changes For Wilms Tumor

Wilms tumor indicates a type of kidney cancer develops mainly in children below 5years age. Both patients and doctors notice the problem of Wilms tumor for the first time due to swelling in the abdominal area or development of a mass within the kidney, which one can feel while going for physical examination. A few of the affected kids experience abdominal pain, anemia problems, fever, hypertension or high blood pressure and blood in the urine. Along with this, a few children experience abnormal weight loss, appetite loss, vomiting, nausea and lethargy or tiredness as signs and symptoms of Wilms tumor.

Lifestyle Changes To Deal With Wilms Tumor

Lifestyle Changes To Deal With Wilms Tumor

Even though there are no specific lifestyle changes available for Wilms Tumor, but we should recommend you following the same lifestyle changes, as you do in the case of any other type of kidney cancer. These include the following-

Reduce The Risk Of Your Child’s Infection

Cancer-associated with Wilms tumor as similar to other types of cancers often suppress the immune system of your body and in turn, increases the risk related to infection and in some cases, results in severe infections. To reduce or avoid this, you should-

  • Wash your hands thoroughly, as washing hands is an effective way to reduce your chance to catch flu and colds. Alternatively, always apply hand sanitizer when washing is not possible.
  • Strictly avoid touching nose, mouth, and eyes after touching external objects.
  • Try avoiding crowds particularly during flu season
  • Clean as well as disinfect the surrounding objects on a regular basis.(1)

Bring The Necessary Dietary Changes

A healthy diet is essential for your mood and body both, as it fuels in your proper body functions and the essential nutrients help in the healing and recovery of tissues. However, cancer in children affects their diet and appetite in an adverse way. Because of this, children have to-

Fulfill Increased Protein And Calorie Requirements: Children with cancer because of Wilms tumor have to fulfill their increased protein and calorie requirements. Protein is very much essential for proper growth and quick repair of the body. When your child intakes enough amount of calories, he will expect to achieve proper body growth and cancer heal, while avoiding weight loss.

Tube Feeding To Avoid Malnutrition: In some of the cases, cancer patients, especially the kids face difficulty in having enough food. In this situation, doctors recommend for tube feedings to avoid the problem of malnutrition by providing their children with enough nutrition.(1)

Accordingly, doctors place a small tube i.e. nasogastric tube from the mouth, which passes through the esophagus and goes into the child’s stomach. Even depending on the condition of patients, doctors recommend giving a high-calorie supplement to the child through the tube to help in the promotion of proper growth and development.

Get Regular Physical Exercise: If you do not have the habit of regular physical exercise, you should consult with your doctor for choosing a safe exercise program. You should always keep in mind that exercise has many roles to withstand your emotional and physical stresses of cancer caused due to Wilms tumor, such as-

  • Improvement in the immune system
  • Promotion of overall fitness
  • Boosting in the existing energy levels
  • Enhancing the overall spirits and thereby, improving the emotional outlook

Management of Your Fatigue: If your child experience fatigue and/or tiredness after developing cancer due to Wilms tumor or post-cancer treatment, you should discuss with your doctor to take steps to avoid his/her overtired condition. In most of the cases, doctors recommend for prioritizing of the tasks and focusing only on the important ones.(1)


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Pramod Kerkar, M.D., FFARCSI, DA
Pramod Kerkar, M.D., FFARCSI, DA
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