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What Are the Ways to Prevent Wilms Tumor & Does It Reoccur?

Wilms tumors are rare types of cancers take place in kidneys and they usually affect infants and children. Also known nephroblastoma, if any patient undergoes the treatment of Wilms tumors during his initial stages, his chances related to successful treatment may reach up to 95percent. In most of the cases, children between 2years to 5years age suffer from the problem of Wilms tumors and in fact, problems, which cause this type of cancer often starts in individuals before their birth.

With the maturity of kidney cells within the fetus, they specialize and form various parts of the human kidneys. A few of the cells develop consistently post-birth and become mature during the coming 3years or 4years period. However, if we talk about the children suffering from Wilms tumor, their cells remain in immature conditions.

They instead, grow as well as reproduce at an excessively fast rate to form tumors. Wilms tumors form only one tumor in a kidney. However, in rare conditions, a patient may have tumors in both of their kidneys.

What Are the Ways to Prevent Wilms Tumor?

What Are the Ways to Prevent Wilms Tumor?

There are no ways to prevent Wilms tumors or to reduce the risk related to it in both adults and children. However, doctors recommend a few of the lifestyle changes to manage the symptoms and in turn, live a normal life for many years.

Lifestyles For Adults

Adults or adolescents suffering from Wilms tumors should-

  • Strictly avoid cigarette smoking and alcohol intake
  • Maintain healthy body weight and
  • Avoid or reduce the consumption of junk foods and soda beverages.

Lifestyle For Children

  • Follow a balanced diet consisting of each of the essential nutrients
  • Try natural herbs to boost the immune system
  • Reduce the intake of salt and soda related items
  • Avoid junk foods as much as possible(1)

Does Wilms Tumor Reoccur?

Most of the children and adults diagnosed with Wilms tumors cured successfully with the combination of treatments, which include surgery, radiotherapy, and chemotherapy. However, in some of the kids, Wilms tumors/cancers recur or relapse. Even in rare cases, the tumor starts growing even before your doctor removes it. In this case, doctors refer to it tumor progression. Most of the Wilms tumors recurrences take place within only 2 years of the diagnosis in patients.(2)

Reasons For The Recurrence Of Wilms Tumors

Wilms tumors comprise of large numbers of cancer cells. Because of this, doctors initially perform surgery to remove the majority of cancer cells and later on, provide radiotherapy and/or chemotherapy treatments to kill the remaining cancer cells. However, in some situations, cancer cells fail to destroy completely even after the aforementioned combination of treatment options and hence, they form resistant cancer cells. Accordingly, even though doctors perceive that Wilms tumors have gone away, undetectable resistant cells continue to stay in the body of patients and they start growing repeatedly.

Metastasis And Metastatic Relapse

Original Wilms tumor in patients spreads to their other body parts by following a procedure called metastasis. Here, undetectable cancer cells associated with the Wilms tumor spread to various other parts of the patients’ body from the blood system. Lungs are the common sites associated with metastatic relapse. However, relapse, in this case, may even take place in the liver and bone or brain in patients.


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