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How To Manage Wilms Tumor With The Help Of Home Remedies?

Wilms tumor, being cancer is normally treated with surgery, chemotherapy, and in some instances, radiation therapy. For most of the treatment plans, surgery and chemotherapy are the go-to options. But, for more advanced stages of Wilms tumor, radiotherapy may be essential. Treatment is basically based on the stage of cancer, histology, and extent of the condition. if only one kidney is affected, surgery is performed to remove the tumor, involved kidney and its ureter, adrenal gland, as well as any surrounding tissue that has been affected. On the other hand, if both kidneys have been affected, then surgery is done to remove as much cancerous tissue as possible and preserve healthy tissue.[1]

How To Manage Wilms Tumor With The Help Of Home Remedies?

How To Manage Wilms Tumor With The Help Of Home Remedies?

With treatment for Wilms tumor comes complications. You don’t necessarily need medical-based care to help your child through recovery. Some home remedies can be quite helpful in alleviating any side effects or complications associated with Wilms tumor. For patients who’ve been treated for nephroblastoma, they don’t require intensive home care compared to other cancer patients. Regardless, it is important to look out for symptoms such as fever, diarrhea, and vomiting.[1]

In a case report where a 17-year old was diagnosed with Wilms tumor after a left kidney rupture, the Korean medication used alongside herbal remedy was helpful. As per the results of the simultaneous treatments, it has helped in managing the metastasis lesion in the lung and the remission of cancer in part of the liver. The herb remedy involved inhalation of Soram nebulizer solution, Hangamdan, Cheongjangtang, and Spam. The medication used was hyperthermia therapy and thymosin-α1 (Zadaxin).[2]

It is important that as a parent if your kid has been diagnosed with Wilms tumor, treated and survived, you be extra keen on your kid’s health. You need to monitor your child’s energy level and encourage their participation in regular activities that other kids their age do. After a session of radiotherapy or chemotherapy, you should let your child rest enough, especially when they exhibit signs of tiredness. Additionally, you’d need to regularly check on their body temperature, sleep patterns and any side effects from prescribed medication that they’re taking. You can keep a journal where you record your child’s mood, and how they’re feeling on a daily basis, and share the records with your doctor.

Other than that, you should encourage good oral hygiene for your kid so as to help with sores or any bleeding areas. Food is essential in maintaining the body’s health and strength as well. Therefore, ensure that your kid eats well, and their diet includes nutritious foods. Well, most kids who’ve been treated for Wilms tumor don’t require special nutritional needs but ensure that their normal diet is well executed, and you can also make them their favorite meals. Whenever their appetite is compromised, you can increase their fluid intake so as to fill in for the missed food intake.[3] [4]

Can Wilms Tumor Be Prevented?

Wilms tumor cannot be prevented since its causative factors are unavoidable. There are two major factors that have been associated with Wilms tumor, and they include genetic abnormalities or sporadic occurrence. While in genetic abnormalities it is known that cells in the kidney grow abnormally, it is difficult to control cell growth, thus impossible to prevent cancer in such a case. On the other hand, the sporadic occurrence of nephroblastoma is also difficult to prevent since even the etiology behind the condition is not clear. Nevertheless, the best thing you can do if your child has risk factors that can lead to Wilms tumor is taking your child for frequent kidney ultrasounds. It will enhance early diagnosis, and treatment can be started early.[4]


The prognosis, treatment and survival rate of Wilms tumor is on the higher side of the bar. Home remedies for Wilms tumor can include; monitor cares for the child in terms of symptoms and any complications they exhibit. Additionally, it can include alternative treatment therapy such as the use of herbs to help improve the condition. It is important that you are there for your kid at all times whenever they are sick play with them provided they are not feeling tired.


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