How Many Drinks A Day Can Cause Liver Damage?

The liver is the most critical organ in the human system. It operates all through the day and helps in eliminating toxins from the body. Apart from that, the organ is also the reason for burning the fat, breaking the food particles, and producing enzymes that remove toxins from the body. Anything that you eat or drink excess causes the organ to work excessively, which results in the reduction of the functionality of the cells. Such a situation leads to scarring that reduces the organ’s capability in fighting against toxins and production of chemicals that help in burning the food particles, especially fat.

How Alcohol Damages The Liver?

The liver is capable of diluting or burning chemicals or toxins to a limit before it releases the content into the bloodstream. The cells release enzymes that are helpful in burning the substances contained in the alcohol. However, when you are consuming it in excess, then it becomes difficult for the liver to produce the needed enzymes. In such instances, the organ works out of the line, where the excess cells release the enzyme. During this process, scarring occurs because the damage to the cells is more than the self-heal technology of the liver.

The Serious Disease

The severe disease that you acquire when you consume an excess of alcohol is liver cirrhosis. It is where you will notice scarring of the liver, as explained above, after which the organ loses its functionality. The essential factor of the cirrhosis is that you will lose blood-clotting ability that leads to bleeding.


The essential factors to consider while understanding the effect of alcohol are the amount, intensity, and lifetime duration. Obtaining information on these three factors is crucial and makes a difference when you are calculating the impact of alcohol on the liver. Because of this reason, it is difficult for many to show the signs of the liver damage.

How Many Drinks A Day Can Cause Liver Damage?

How Many Drinks A Day Can Cause Liver Damage?

If you drink occasionally or have only a glass of alcohol, you may ask the question of how a single glass of alcohol affects the liver. A standard drink in the United States consists of 14 gm of ethanol. When you translate it to average values, the drink includes:

  • One 12-ounce beer (composed of 5% alcohol)
  • One glass of wine (consisting of 12% alcohol)
  • 1.5 ounces of spirit (consisting of 40% alcohol)

Excessive consumption of the alcohol results in oral cancer, hypertension, liver cirrhosis, injuries, liver infections, and chronic pancreatitis.

The risk or damage to the liver occurs when you are consuming more than 25 grams of ethanol per day, which equates to two glasses of alcohol.

Therefore, if you are consuming more than two glasses of alcohol a day, you can expect liver damage at the earliest. The figure is for men. For women, only one drink of alcohol is allowable. Anything exceeding the limit will make it difficult for the liver to process the liquor before releasing it into the bloodstream. It is here that you tend to show side effects of the alcohol.

How Much Is Excess?

As said, you cannot exceed two drinks per day if you are a man and a single drink a day if you are female. Again, it is difficult to state how much you are consuming if you are mixing drinks because you are combining two or more drinks that can constitute three or even four drinks. A better way to take control and ensure the protection of the liver is by watching what you drink and how much you are drinking.

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