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Is Pancreatic Cyst A Progressive Disease & Alternative Treatment For It?

Pancreatic cysts refer to the pools or collections of fluid, which may form in the tail, body, and head of a patient’s pancreas. A few of the pancreatic cysts are non-inflammatory cysts or true cysts and they remain lined with the help of special cells’ layer responsible to secret fluid in the cysts.(1)

Pancreatic cysts take place in two major categories i.e. neoplastic and nonneoplastic cysts. Each of the two groups includes pancreatic cysts subtypes, i.e. serous cystadenomas, pseudocysts, and mucinous cystic-based neoplasms. Most of the pancreatic cysts are noncancerous and do not cause any type of symptom. However, a few of the pancreatic cysts may sometime become cancerous.(2)

Until now, surgery is the single and the most effective yet curative treatment available to deal with pancreatic cysts. However, surgery done on the pancreas is a big undertaking. Because of this, you should reserve certain resections for cases, where you suspect big concerns related to cancer. This will highlight a minority of cysts-related cases. In the majority of the cases, patients have to undergo only surveillance with regular imaging tests.(3)
Is Pancreatic Cyst A Progressive Disease?

Is Pancreatic Cyst A Progressive Disease?

Whether the problem of pancreatic cyst is progressive or not, depends on its specific type. These include the following-

Pseudo Cysts: Pseudocysts consist mainly of fluids and they start within or near the pancreas. These cysts are major complications related to the inflammation of the pancreas i.e. acute pancreatitis. They are not progressive, as they do not develop if you do not suffer from any type of pancreas injury or pancreatitis.

SCAs i.e. Serous Cystadenomas: SCAs types of pancreatic cysts have thick and fibrous walls and they contain clear fluids. Almost every type of SCA is benign but it may cause jaundice, pain, and other uncomfortable feelings. Even though SCAs are noncancerous, they are progressive, as they grow in other ways.

IPMNs i.e. Intraductal Papillary Mucinous Neoplasms: IPMNs begin in the ducts responsible to connect the intestine with the pancreas. They are common types of pancreatic cysts and procedure proteins to form fluid and mucus in the cyst lining in large amounts. No one can predict when IPMNs become cancerous but research studies indicate that the cysts present at the main pancreatic duct remain at relatively high risk. Indeed, IPMNs are of progressive pancreatic cysts.

MCNs i.e. Mucinous Cystic Neoplasms: Mucinous Cystic Neoplasms types of cysts are progressive because they belong to the category of precancerous growths, which may start in both the tail and body of your pancreas. These cysts mainly develop in women as compared to men. Big ones contain various tiny walls, which divide the entire cyst into different septations compartments. MCNs may sometimes become cancerous during the later phase of pancreatic cysts.(4)

Alternative Treatments For Pancreatic Cysts

Alternative treatments include various medicines, which give large numbers of and evidence-based healing methods to pancreatic cysts’ patients. These include the following-

  • Always have a fully alkalized and healing diet
  • Make your habit to consume a healing type of mineral water
  • Consumption of natural herbs
  • Application of acupuncture
  • Intake certain nutritional supplements
  • Go with chiropractor manipulations in combination with a massage of your abdomen
  • Take part in meditation, medical hypnosis and relaxation techniques(5)


Based on the aforementioned facts, we can say that the pancreatic cyst is progressive or not depends on its specific type. However, doctors recommend a few of the alternative treatments to heal the underlying symptoms of pancreatic cysts’ patients to some extent. These are healing diet and healing mineral water, natural herbs, nutritional supplements, and acupuncture application.


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